Being a fan of the Chicago Bears can be extremely frustrating at times. Watching big talent go to waste, dumb coaching decisions, and having to deal with Jay Cutler has been a struggle to say the least. Even in 2006 when the Bears made the Super Bowl, they were led there by one of the worst Super Bowl QBs of all-time, Rex Grossman. Watching one of the best defenses of all time and one of the best special team’s player ever carry a team to a Super Bowl only to be disappointed by a poor offensive performance when we needed Rex most.

This year, there’s a different feeling in Chicago. For the first time since 1989, the Cubs and Bears are in first place at the same time. It’s the first time it has happened in my lifetime. Playoff baseball and competitive football happening all at once is a feeling I have never experienced. And I LOVE it. This 2018 Bears team has a different feel than other teams in the past decade, and for obvious reasons. Starting with a young head coach and one of the best defensive players of our generation.

Matt Nagy

A disciple of Andy Reid, Matt Nagy has always proved to be promising. Learning how to utilize all of an offense’s weapons and creative plays that will always keep a defensive guessing. The Bears have dealt with primarily defensive minded coaching in the last decade (Lovie Smith, Marc Trestman, John Fox), so having a coach coming from one of the best offenses of 2017 gives Bears fans hope. Not to mention Ryan Pace has provided the Bears with a significantly better cast of characters for Nagy to work with (Robinson, Gabriel, Burton) that will be able to give Mitch the confidence he needs to continue to blossom and improve. Nagy started off the season with some shaky play calls down the stretch, but the good thing is that he notices his wrong doings and learns from them for the next game. Matt Nagy has provided a spark to the Bears and Chicago already loves him.

The Monsters of the Midway are back!

You better believe it. They’re back. A city that is known for it’s defense, especially linebackers, has witnessed a not so great defense over the last handful of years. We saw glimpses of how good this defense can be last year. Now, we are getting the full dose with one huge addition, and this is the best defense we have seen in Chicago since 2006. A big reason for this defense being so good- Khalil Mack. In the 20+ years I’ve been watching I always thought football was a team game.  Even watching Brian Urlacher as he dominated on the field he had an incredible supporting cast behind him. Mack is simply not human. This man runs through any offensive lineman put in front of him. I have never seen a single player effect a team as much as he has. He has been getting TRIPLE teamed, opening the line for his teammates. And even when he is triple teamed, he still breaks through it. He has three straight games with a sack and a forced fumble. Chicago already wants a statue of him put up in front of Soldier Field.

Here Mack is getting triple teamed
He is not human

On top of that, the Bears provide Mack with the best supporting cast he has ever played with, including a strong front 7- Bullard, Goldman, Hicks, Floyd, Smith, Trevathan, and Mack. They lead the league in sacks and have been dominating offensive lines since week 1. Nagy was able to keep Vic Fangio on board as the defensive coordinators, I’m sure he’s having fun with creating defensive sets with a guy like Khalil Mack. All in all, this defense will finish top 5 in the league and will keep the Bears in every game, paving the way for success.


              Mitch was expected to come out of the gates and blossom under Nagy. When Mack was signed, the Bears became instant contenders to make the playoffs, it all depended on one thing, Mitch’s play. So far, Trubisky has not played up to expectations to start the season. He has made arrant throws, silly decisions, and seems to be thinking too much going through his progressions. He has made improvement week in and week out, but Chicago is getting restless. It’s time for Mitch to start playing like a second overall picked QB. Through three games this year, there is so much room for improvement and the sky is the limit for him. Mitch is a freak athlete and has made some incredible plays avoiding sacks and extending plays. His issue is when he is in the pocket and his first option is not open. Then he seems to panic and his internal clock gets quick and he makes a irrational decision. Mitch is a very hard worker, so after each week he goes to the film room to improve. He is always looking to get better. If the Bears are going to make the playoffs, Mitch is going to need to be the quarterback Chicago hopes he can be. The defense will always keep the Bears in the game, so if Mitch can develop and continue to improve, the Bears are going to be a force in the North.

With the Bears upcoming schedule, and the Vikings and Packers recent struggles, the Bears can continue to improve each week and contend for a playoff spot come December.

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