NFL WEEK 1 And College Football WEEK 2

Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce Klim’s Korner! This is going to be a weekly article where I pick the winners of the entire NFL weekend, as well as all college football games involving at least one team in the AP top 25. Bear in mind folks, it’s only week 2 of college football action so a lot of the top 25 teams are playing lesser competition at this point, so in-depth analysis isn’t exactly necessary.

College Football Top 25

16 TCU Vs. SMU

TCU wins comfortably. SMU won’t put up much of a fight in this one.

New Mexico Vs. 5 Wisconsin

My pick to win the big ten is going to cruise to victory. Wisconsin.

18 Miss State Vs. Kansas state

Mississippi state wins as I don’t see K-State taking out a ranked team after almost falling to South Dakota last week.

Western Michigan Vs. 21 Michigan

Blue rebounds this week not enough fire power from WMU.

UCLA Vs. 6 Oklahoma

The Chip Kelly era continues to skid. Sooners roll easily.

William & Mary Vs.12 Virginia Tech

Beamer ball…that is all Hookies go to 2 and 0.

Portland state Vs. 23 Oregon

Ducks win…by a lot.

Arks state Vs. 1 Alabama

Really? Roll Tide.

3 Georgia Vs. 24 So. Carolina

Bulldogs win a close one but year 2 for Jake Fromm means less mistakes and no upset.

Ball state Vs. 8 ND

Irish Win.

North Dakota Vs. 9 Washington

Wazzu wins. Not much of a game.

Youngstown State Vs. 14 West Virginia

Take me home…Country road…

South Carolina state Vs. 19 UCF

National champs roll.

Savanna state Vs. 22 Miami

God bless Savannah. It’s going get super ugly at Hard Rock Stadium.

2 Clemson Vs. Texas A&M

Tigers roll, Jimbo Fisher gets his first loss as the head coach of A&M.

Southeastern Louisiana Vs 11 LSU

Tigers roll.

Alabama State Vs. 7 Auburn

Auburn wins.

Kentucky Vs. 25 Florida

Chomp Chomp.

13 Penn State Vs. Pitt

This is my upset pick of the week. Penn State seems very sloppy without Saquan and Pitt is a lot better team the Appalachian State. It’s going to be a late turn over that kills Penn State this week.

UConn Vs. 20 Boise State

Broncos win, UConn football needs a lot of help.

15 Mich state Vs. Arizona state

Sparty wins pretty easily.


Atlanta Falcons Vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles win even without Wentz and Jeffery the Linc’ might be rocking to much for the Falcons to beat the Eagles defense.

Buffalo Bills Vs. Baltimore Ravens

Bills surprise the shuddering Ravens offense and the Lamar Jackson chants start flowing. Flacco’s clock is ticking.

 Jacksonville Jaguars Vs. New York Giants

Jags win. One of the best defenses in the league is going to stuff the Giants offense but one match up to watch is Odell vs. Jalen Ramsey. That’s going to be pure entertainment.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs. New Orleans Saints

Saints have a bad taste in their mouth from the game against the Vikings and the Bucs do not have enough talent on either side of the ball to beat one of the best teams in the NFC.

Houston Texans Vs. New England Patriots

Pats win but it’s going to be super close. This could be a playoff match up but in this go around expect a very high scoring game.

San Francisco 49ers Vs. Minnesota Vikings

49ers with the upset. Jimmy G Has a lot of weapons and is ready to prove he is not a fluke. The Vikings are going to have some rust to shake off and some gelling to happen with the new pieces on offense before they can get a win.

Tennessee Titans Vs. Miami Dolphins

Titans have a very talented roster and first year head coach Mike Vrabel should add some energy to the roster.

Cincinnati Bengals Vs. Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck’s return will surprise the lack luster Bengals. Look for the Colts to utilize underrated running back Marlon Mack.

Pittsburgh Steelers Vs. Cleveland Browns

Steelers. Tyrod Taylor starts this week for Cleveland so we will see how the new look Browns are going to perform but still not enough for the Steelers.

Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Chargers win in a battle of gunslingers between Rivers and Mahomes. It also helps that Chargers have a phenomenal secondary and pass rush.

Seattle Seahawks Vs. Denver Broncos

Seahawks win, both teams are not great but Seattle has Russell Wilson.

Dallas Cowboys Vs. Carolina Panthers

Panthers have so many new weapons for Cam Newton this may be the best offense that he has ever had. Dallas does not have enough to hang in the game.

Washington Redskins Vs. Arizona Cardinals

Cardinals. Both teams are sub par but the Cardinals are just a bit better.

Chicago Bears Vs. Green Bay Packers

The Bears are a team to watch this year. They are not going to pull a Philly, but they are going to catch a slightly above average team in the Packers by surprise.

Monday Night

New York Jets Vs. Detroit Lions

Lions win. They are another surprise team and the Jets are a year or two away from contention.

Los Angeles Rams Vs. Oakland Raiders

The Rams remind me of the ‘08 Eagles but they can score. And even though it will be a shootout where the Rams win, Oakland is just a weird team to me I don’t know if they are garbage or dumped a pass rusher to save cap room.

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