So Le’veon Bell’s agent announced that Le’veon Bell won’t report to the team for Week 1, and hinted that we may have to wait until Week 10. Since my two cents is free and I couldn’t keep quiet any longer, I’m getting this off my chest. People are really out here rippin’ on Le’veon for abandoning his team. You would think the man just joined the Golden State Warriors or something. Listen, we all know this is the big leagues, this isn’t college anymore. Nobody was upset about you missing syllabus week, but they’re taking attendance now, Le’veon, and it’s gonna cost you. BUT, also, this is the big leagues. Which means Le’veon is a professional and part of being a professional is knowing what you’re worth.

Le’Veon’s Worth

I’m on Bell’s side. He clearly knows what he’s worth. Now I admit, I am biased toward the man for a million reasons. For one, he carried me to fantasy runner-up stardom last season, which is second to one when it comes to bragging rights. You know how big I am on bragging rights (or you’ll learn).

ANYWAYS, I want you to think about something for a minute. Close your eyes. Now imagine you have a grit and grind job that you go to each day. At this point in your life, you’ve become the best of the best at your position at work. Like best in the world. So much the best, that not only does just your company know it, all companies know it. You didn’t walk in and break records, you put in time and effort to be the best. Now… imagine your company saying,

“we don’t want to pay you for everything you’ve earned, but we also are not going to let you leave.”

Le’Veon vs Pittsburgh

Too often we rip on players for being self-centered and not thinking team first. But what we fail to do is put ourselves in their shoes. If Bell feels like he is being disrespected by his employer (s/o Pat McAfee and Barstool), why should he be obligated to keep their best interests in the forefront of his mind? I think he played it smart. He just wants less wear and tear on his body before hitting free agency. Now, he DOES need to sign the franchise tag by Week 11 in order to be a free agent next off-season, so we will get to see him eventually. I just want to see the man get paid what he deserves so we can watch him enjoy the sport again. But then again, nothing like a team Pittsburgh Stealing some of the little RB talent in the NFL right now….

If you’re still not on the man’s side, you can keep your Nike’s to yourself. That’s child’s play. We respect those who can literally sacrifice paycheck dollars to #JustNotDoIt.

PS. Come to Detroit, Le’veon. ‘ship on a platter for ya, brother.

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