After only one week of professional football, we have already learned essentially everything we need to know to predict the rest of the entire season. So many questions were answered. In case you were in a coma however, we are here to help fill you in on everything that transpired in week one of professional football. Here is what we learned this week in the NFL:

1) The NFL is soft.

2) James Conner is better than Le’veon Bell.

3) The Browns can’t technically go 0-16 this season.

4) The Steelers technically are as bad as the Browns this year.

5) The Bills should call Ryan Fitz, oh wait…

6) The Saints Defense is bad.

7) The Ravens would be the best team in the NFL if they play the Bills every week.

8) Tom Brady can win with anyone on his team as a WR.

9) Khalil Mack is a monster and eats children.

10) TJ Watt is better than his brother.

11) The Lions are the worst team in the NFL, maybe even CFL.

12) The Bills, Texans, Titans, Colts, Chargers, Cowboys, Giants, Lions, Bears, Saints, Falcons, Seahawks, 49ers, Cardinals and Raiders are all on pace to go 0-16.

13) Come back next week for week two quick hits. 

Although almost everything was already answered after this week of watching the NFL, some things may happen next week to give us something to talk about again. For the time being however, this is what we learned this week in the NFL. 

(All items above are subject to change after week 2)

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