We are back for more and here to recap some hot takes from Week 2 in the NFL! Get your mouse a scrolling and let us know what you think each week!

Patrick Mahomes is legit. He is a GOOD NFL QB!

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in self-destruct mode.

Antonio Brown could care less where he plays.

DeSean Jackson is channeling his young self.


The Bills could still use Fitzmagic.. just saying.

Eric Rowe is bad!!

A man waiting to go to prison got a sack on Monday Night! (Enter Mychal Kendricks).

The Saints throw to Michael Thomas… TONS! (Already 28 catches)

The Bills are so bad they made Vontae Davis retire… at HALFTIME!

Great week for the kickers (when I say great I mean horrible). You literally practice kicking 6 days a week, then on the 7th, you…..KICK!


Dan Bailey is back!

Kirk Cousins became the first Vikings QB since 2004 to throw for 400 yards and 4 TD’s (You probably didn’t even know that unless you have him in fantasy or played against him).

The Browns do more to lose than win. 

Only could Josh Gordon miss more games than he has played, get suspended, and then be traded from the Browns to the Pats.

1-31-1 is the record of a current employed NFL Coach.

The Lions are still the worst team in the NFL, but now have competition from the Cardinals.

The Seahawks should release their whole O-Line and start over.

The Cardinals, Lions, Giants, Raiders, Texans, Bills and the Seahawks are all still winless. 

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(All items above are subject to change after week 3)

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