So here’s the deal, every week I’m going to write you a little something to coincide with all of my great knowledge on the @UnderCenterPod (follow us). And every week it will be on the Cleveland Browns. It will be quick and to the point. The good, the bad, and the ugly. But, this week was the first win in 635 days. 635. So this will only be the good. You may be asking, ‘but Smitty, what good is analysis if you only focus on the good?‘ To which I would tell you to please shut-up.. I’m a Browns fan, let me have this one.


So, let’s start with the obvious. Baker Mayfield looked like the real deal, 17-23 passing and 3 of those were 100% drops. The 1st team was probably surprised to know they had a QB who could throw with an ounce of velocity (sorry Tyrod). According to PFF, Mayfield had a 84.3 offense rating, the highest of any Browns player. I mean he absolutely balled and looked like an NFL quarterback. Yeah, we have been here before time and time again but let a man have his moment. I’m a little nervous expectations will get too high, but this is a week 3 breakdown, and he looked GOOD.


On to the running backs. Carlos Hyde finally looked like an NFL running back, with 98 yards and 2 TD’s. ALSO, he had a baby born right after the game… hell of a Thursday. Duke did nothing except almost force me to have a brain aneurism with his 4th quarter fumble.



For the WR’s, Jarvis and Callaway are the clear 1 and 2 right now. Jarvis will continue to get high volume because he’s a catching machine and Callaway is a straight burner with Ty Hill potential.


The line looked awful the first two weeks, but with a QB who can move while still looking to throw instead of immediately tucking and running, they will be much better off with Baker. I have bought into the Baker mania. Is it because I’m a Browns fan who craves something good? Yes. But you would be a fool to think Baker didn’t look like an NFL QB out there, Russell Wilson 2.0 baby.


As far as the defense goes, they are elite and I’m comfortable saying it. They are number 1 in forced turnovers with 11 and a +9 differential overall. I mean, hell, they forced only 13 all last year! They are hungry and ready to play. Instead of being nervous and disappointed when they trot on to the field, I get excited to see how they are going to harass the quarterback next. Ogunjobi has showed out thus far and we all know Myles Garrett has future defensive player of the year written all over him. Joe Schobert quite literally does not miss plays and has developed into an excellent leader in the linebacking corp. Denzel Ward and Terrance Mitchell have emerged as DB leaders. Denzel Ward is LEGIT and its funny what can happen when you trade for actual NFL football players like Mitchell. They make plays.


Overall, I quite literally haven’t been this happy since I have no idea when. I’m going to ride the high of the win and hope to Jesus they can carry it into the game against the Raiders. Until next week, go Brownies!

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