The Cleveland Browns this year are 2-2-1 so far, but in reality, should be 5-0 easily. If you don’t believe me, then you’re obviously a hater or someone who doesn’t watch football. The Browns are no longer the laughing stock of the NFL. That would be the Raiders. Unfortunately for a Steeler fanatic like myself, we can no longer chalk up Cleveland as a scrimmage. The first game of the season proved that.

2017-2018 Off-season

Cleveland’s off-season before the 2018- 2019 season kicked off was stupid good. Who would’ve thought that a front office in Cleveland was able to put a good core of players together? Yes, I’m looking at you on this one Dan Gilbert. Of course the Browns owned the first pick in this past year’s draft, and used that pick on Heisman winner, former walk-on, Baker Mayfield. They also had the fourth overall pick and took the best defensive back in the country in Denzel Ward. Back in April, the Browns struck gold by signing Jarvis Landry to a 5-year, $75.5 million contract. Cleveland also picked up Carlos Hyde on a 3-year deal. This signing solidified their running game. Then used other small signings like Antonio Callaway, and Nick Chubb to strengthen their depth on offense. Very few changes were made to the defense as Cleveland has surprisingly had one of the best defenses in the NFL the past two years. This goes to show that maybe, just maybe, defense doesn’t win championships. Sometimes it doesn’t even win games for over 635 days. So for all you defense junkies out there; get out of my face. If you can’t score points then what does defense matter? You’re gonna lose the game anyways.



Who better to break their fan-base’s heart than the Browns after not winning a game for 635 days? Yes, still the Browns. Week 1 against my Steelers, Cleveland made an impressive comeback in the second, scoring 21 points to knot the game up. In the 4th quarter and overtime, Cleveland’s defense muscled up and held Pittsburgh to a combined ZERO points in those periods. The Todd Haley’s offense had multiple chances to win this game, but came up short, resulting in a tie. Week 2, clashing against the Saints, Browns kicker Zane Gonzalez missed two field goals and two PAT’s. Holy smokes. The Browns lost that game by 3 and Zane is no longer with the team. Maybe the worst of all came in Week 4 against the Raiders on an absolute travesty of a blown first down call in overtime. Thus, the Raiders kicking field goal to win the game. So when I say that the Browns should be 5-0 this season, it’s clearly not just playing the hypothetical game. If things would’ve gone the way games normally go, the Browns would easily be 5-0, leading their division.

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