Every time a backup quarterback comes into an NFL game, the Kaepernick clique comes out of the woodwork to cry foul. And when you see how these QBs perform, one might think they have a valid point but I think there’s more to it than statistics, talent, and body of work. When you break down all the details of both sides, a clearer picture seems to form before our very eyes.

I doubt there’s anyone who has seen Kaepernick play who thinks he can’t perform at the NFL level. He’s proven he can, he’s led a team to the Super Bowl. But the last year he played, he was 1-10 as a starter. After his initial success, NFL defenses caught on. They watched film, they devised defensive schemes, they figured out what makes Kaep tick. He became less the future of the QB position and more a passing fad.


More Than Off Field Issues

So now we fast forward to 2016. We’ve all seen off the field issues and how it carried onto the field. I won’t rehash it, nor will I politicize it. But it became a distraction. Meanwhile, Kaepernick found himself out of a job. Unlike a lot of voices out there, I don’t think it had as much to do with these issues as it did with salary expectations. Colin Kaepernick was still asking in the neighborhood of $10M to play football, as a backup. I’m not sure any team is willing to spend that kind of money for a guy to hold a clipboard. He’s an outstanding athlete, there’s no doubt, but teams need to be fiscally responsible as well.

Kaeppernick vs QB Carousel

Is he better than Nathan Peterman? Of course he is. I actually laughed while typing that. My friend Chad is better than Nathan Peterman. Then you throw in CJ Beathard, Brock Osweiler, Blaine Gabbert, and Derek Anderson; this entire QB carousel becomes farcical at best. Kaepernick is better than all of them but those guys can be had for pocket change and some Powerad. Also, raise your hand if you knew Derek Anderson was still on anyone’s watch list. Exactly. I even saw last week that Tom Savage was close to signing with San Francisco. He may very well set the NFL record for sucking for the most amounts of teams by the end of his illustrious career.


None of these guys can hold a candle to Kaepernick but he has to be realistic and lower his salary demands. He comes with baggage, we all know that but talent is talent. If he sets a salary demand that depicts what his actual role will be with a team, I think he gets signed quickly. Who wouldn’t love that type of experience and talent level to come in when your QB goes down?

Nevertheless, the games will continue to be played and we’ll continue to watch. When the next QB gets hurt, like clockwork, people will scream for Kaepernick to be signed. As unjust as it seems that Peterman and Gabbert are employed when Kaepernick isn’t, well, it’s all about the bottom line. Teams aren’t going to potentially sacrifice their future for the clipboard guy. It just doesn’t make sense.

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