Do they make the call? Is it time to put everything aside and give the Bills Mafia an actual reason to break some tables? Is it time to give Odell Beckham Jr. a quarterback he can trust and believe in? Yes, the time has come that the state of New York (New Jersey if you actually care) needs…

Drum roll please…. Colin Kaepernick 

Buffalo Bills

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If you think the tall body, large hands, and rocket arm of Josh Allen getting hurt in the middle of the Texans game was all by chance… I would think you are the crazy one. The football gods planned all along for the great Nathan Peterman to come in and throw two more interceptions to reach a whopping career total of 9 INT’s. The Bills are a hot mess and what better to fix a problem other than signing Colin Kaepernick. Word on the street is that Allen’s injury could be fairly serious, which means the Bill would have to pick between Peterman and Derek Anderson. As much fun a Derek Anderson sounds, its time to face the facts that this season is going no where and Bills Mafia could use a little extra fuel to keep those tables lit all season long.

New York Football Giants

Eli Manning is slowly turning into a sad puppy on one of those ASPCA commercials with a Sarah McLachlan song in the background. Even though it will always be funny when the camera zooms in on Eli’s highly intelligent face, it feels like if he continues to play and get hit as often as he does, his brain might actually go to shit and become as dumb as the look on his face.

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The Giants are already a reality TV show. I mean Odell Beckham had an interview with Lil Wayne as his sidekick, Sterling Shepard is doing his best Odell impressions on the sidelines, and their head coach is talking loudly to reporters attempting to sound mean. 

The New York Giants are already a huge market that could use another drama infused star such as Kaepernick. Being a mess set aside, this actually might not be that bad of a football decision. There is no guarantee that Kap will be any good when/if he comes back, but the idea of Kap, Barkley, OBJ, and other rising young players on this team could be dangerous. So if you are the Giants and don’t want to rush a young Kyle Lauletta into a role he is not ready for, go out and get Colin Kaepernick…

Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

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