Demaryious Thomas got traded to the Texans for a mid-round pick and now the Lions have sent WR Golden Tate to the reigning, defending, undisputed champions Eagles for a 3rd round pick. 

Tate is a guy who just turned 30, who has 44 catches for 517 yards in 7 games this year. He’s on pace for 1,000 yards this year and Philly or anyone for that matter can always use a guy who has a knack for getting 1st downs. I thought Philly would be in the market for a running back who can churn out tough yards between the tackles, buy maybe Pederson thinks he can do that with Tate’s skill set.

Tate’s Sense Of Humor

I’m happy to report that Golden Tate showed some really good perspective about the possibility of getting traded. 

I like knowing that some guys truly understand that professional sports is a business and when you’re a guy who’s getting rumored to be on the trade block that you should get yourself ready to be told that you’re getting sent to another city in the country. I know I wouldn’t be thrilled if I woke up today and was told that I have to go teach kindergarten in Arkansas. I definitely know I wouldn’t be posting Key and Peele gifs about it.

  I’m sure Tate will enjoy himself in Philly for the rest of the year and will have a lot to say about if the Eagles get into the playoffs. The guy still has a lot of game left.

As For The Lions

If you’re a Lions fan, you can’t feel good about this. Yeah, you get a 3rd round pick back, but you’re 3-4 and the division is wide open. You just traded away one of your best offensive players to a team that is in your conference. Jones and Golladay are pretty good, but replacing the skill set of Tate will not be accomplished this year. Tough to sell to the fans that you care about winning this year when you make a move like this. But hey, that’s why those Lions’ front office folks get paid the big bucks. Whatever makes you look like the Patriots is what’s good for business. 

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