Hey Oakland, first of all. Congrats, you guys had one hell of a season and you made it worth staying up late to watch your West Coast games on MLB Network. But I’m saying this as a baseball fan, I’m glad the Yankees are moving on to play the Red Sox. ALDS, here we come!


The Yankees and Red Sox are without a doubt the greatest rivalry in baseball and possibly the greatest rivalry in ALL of sports. There is so much history between Boston and New York and any series between them I watch. Every time they play each other, records get thrown out of the window, stats get thrown out of the window, everything gets thrown out of the window. The Rivalry takes over. 


Best of the Best

Guys just seem to bring out their best selves in the series in the regular season. But now they meet in the postseason?! Are you kidding me? It’s going to the greatest playoff series this whole postseason. They are possibly the top two teams in the MLB this year and now you pit them against each other in the ALDS? I NEED THIS! This is what baseball needs. Baseball needs the Red Sox and Yankees to play each other in the postseason. I mean just look back at the times they played each other in the postseason:

  • 1999 ALCS (Yankees win series 4-1)
  • 2003 ALCS (Yankees win series 4-3)
  • 2004 ALCS (Red Sox win series 4-3)

Not to mention the countless times that highlight reel games have come out of this rivalry. This is what the Yankees need, this is what the Red Sox need, this is what baseball needs, this is what America needs. So bring it on, give me the Yankees and Red Sox in the ALDS. Give me some history in this series, give all the fans of baseball an incredible series, and let the stakes be HIGH cause we all know this is going to feel like an ALCS and it’s only the ALDS. 

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