Welcome in to Week 5 folks, your boy shot a solid 24-8 last week (College) and 8-6 (NFL) with his picks. So as the season progresses we are starting to see who are contenders and pretenders! So with out any interruption lets get to it! For the record I had the Pats beating the Colts by 7.

NCAA Week 6

FSU Vs. 17 Miami

Its all about the U this Canes D is going to be all over FSU.

1 Bama Vs. Arks

Roll tide

Maryland Vs. 15 Mich

Big Blue

NorthWestern Vs. 20 Mich St.


Kansas Vs. 9 WVA

Country road….take me home

BC Vs. 23 NC St.

Wolf Pack BC is Trash

ISU Vs. 25 OSU


4 Clemson Vs. Wake Forest


ASU Vs. 21 Colorado


Indiana Vs. 3 OSU


13 Kentucky Vs.  Tex A&M

Even though they are ranked too high, Kentucky gets W!

SMU Vs. 12 UCF

Golden Knights

Vandy Vs. 2 Georgia


8 Auburn Vs. Miss St


10 Wazzu Vs. UCLA


Nebraska Vs. 16 Wisco


Utah Vs. 14 Stanford

Stanford Bounces back

19 Texas Vs. 6 Oklahoma

Red River Rivalry this game is going to be good but the Sooners are the better team. Herman’s Texas Resurrection gets stalled for a week.

5 LSU Vs. 22 Florida

The Tigers are going to smash the gators by a lot.

6 ND Vs. 24 VA Tech

Last but not least my upset pick of the week the up and down Hokies take out a Notre dame team that is honestly not as good as the rank.

NFL Week 5

Titans Vs. Bills

Titans are a very good team and the Bills are not, Titans by a touchdown.

Falcons Vs. Steelers

Falcons will score a lot and the Steelers are not good any more.

Broncos Vs. Jets

Broncos are decent I like Freeman as a number one back with the solid pass rush on the other side, the Jets are going to struggle.

Jaguars Vs. Chiefs

I am so hype for this game best defense vs. the best offense I am going to make sure I can watch thus game but I think the Jags are going to win by 3.

Packers Vs. Lions

Give me the lions as my second upset pick they are inconsistent but always play the Pack well at home, Lions by less than a touchdown.

Ravens Vs. Browns

Ravens by a lot! Browns are okay but not good enough to beat a very good Ravens squad Flacco and Colins are balling out.

Giants Vs. Panthers

Panthers by a lot Giants are sneaky bad.

Dolphins Vs. Bengals

I give up for the first time this year I am picking the Bengals to win, the Dolphins are smoldering out.

Raiders Vs. Chargers

Chargers are a really good team and the raiders are not love the emergence of Mike Williams as another target for Rivers.

Vikings Vs. Eagles

The Vikings are going to be haunted by what happened in January to get it twisted the Eagles are ticked about fluke loss to Tennessee! Eagles by at least 10.

Cardinals Vs. 49ers

49ers I guess…

Rams Vs. Seahawks

Rams by a lot Seahawks are fading like the got snapped by Thanos.

Cowboys Vs. Texans

Texans are going to get the W! I think that the Cowboys are undermanned to get into a shootout.

Redskins Vs. Saints

Saints are going to expose the average Redskins, and Mark Ingram is back not a close one.

Last Call: I could go on about how crappy the refs are in the NFL but I really would rather not double dip on a topic. So instead I’m going to introduce you all to the magic of October football where in the NFL pretenders like the Dolphins and Buccaneers are exposed and in college football the Chaos of conference Play leads to upsets a plenty, let the fun begin.

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