Welcome in folks to week 6 of the “Korner-Booth.” Let’s just say last week was, bad picks wise, and I was about 50%. But it was just a wacky week especially in the NFL.  This week we are looking to get back to where we belong hit on some of these picks.

NCAA Week 7

Minn Vs. 3 Ohio St


14 Florida Vs. Vandy


Tenn Vs. 21 Auburn


PITT Vs. 5 Notre Dame

A buddy of mine who is a PITT Alumni said the panthers only Upsets top 5 teams soooo this is my upset pick for the week is the Panthers with a late game score to knock off the Irish.

Mich St. Vs. 8 Penn St.

Penn state

Baylor Vs. 9 Texas

Hook ‘em

10 UCF Vs. Memphis

Golden Knights

22 Texas A&M Vs. So. Carolina


MIZZU Vs. 1 Alabama

Roll tide


Take me Home Country rooooad…

16 Miami Vs. Virginia

Its all about the U

19 Colorado Vs. USC


2 Georgia Vs. 13 LSU

The best game this weekend and the question is who is the contender to take on the tide… and I think it’s the bulldogs better QB and a better head coach.

7 Washington Vs. 17 Oregon

Wazzu is just a better team Oregon does not have

15 Wisconsin Vs. 12 Michigan

Wisco only because I just don’t trust big blue the big ten is just not a good conference.

NFL week 6 Picks

Cardinals Vs. Vikings

Vikings are going eat Rosen alive…that is alive.

Buccs Vs. Flacons

Flacons bounce back and Winston is a joke.

Seahawks Vs. Raiders

Seahawks…The raiders should honestly be 0-5

Panthers Vs. Redskins

Panthers are a better team, McCaffery gives the panthers an even more dangerous offence, the Redskins looked overwhelmed on Monday night.

Rams Vs. Broncos

Rams…no further explanation needed.

Jaguars Vs. Cowboys

JAGS…they are undermanned but still are a better team then the cowboys top to bottom, yes I would rather have Bortles over Dak.

Ravens Vs.  Titans

Titans are the most up and Down team in football but his week I think they win a close game against the ravens I just think the titans have a better all around team and have no problem winning an ugly game or a shoot out.

Chiefs Vs. Patriots

We keep saying Mahomes is going get another test and lose and then he wins. So I’ll believe in him this week winning a shootout “hopefully” against the patriots.

49ers Vs. Packers No Jimmy G no win for the 49ers, Packers win easy.

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – OCTOBER 11: Eli Manning #10 of the New York Giants is sacked by Nigel Bradham #53 of the Philadelphia Eagles during the fourth quarter at MetLife Stadium on October 11, 2018 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Eagles defeated the Giants 34-13. (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)

Last Call: On Thursday the defending Super Bowl champs (Eagles) dismantled the New York Giants and the game was not as close as the Score because Saquan Barkley literally was the entire Giants offense. But what I noticed was how terrible the rest of the team was.  The offence line was just  a multi-million dollar speed bump for the eagles pass rush. Eli and his receivers were not on the same page the defense was walking around the entire second half. To top it all off Odell was up to his Usual sideline meltdown antics. I was a hot mess and besides Saquan and a few guys on the defense, they need to blow that team up and give Pat Shurmur a fresh slate with a few solid building blocks. Eli’s time has come and yes so has Odell’s, but as an Eagles fan, I’m not going to act like I’m not enjoying the “Giant” implosion.

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