Welcome in folks to week 7 of the Korner-booth. Last week was rough I shot 8-8 in the college ball and 6-4 in the NFL. Missed a few picks due to a technical error, but not a great week for me or my hurricanes but that’s a sour subject for me so lets get in to it, For the record I took the Broncos on Thursday night.

NCAA Week 8

MADISON, WI – SEPTEMBER 15: Wisconsin wide receiver A.J. Taylor (4) prepares to receive a pass from Wisconsin quarterback Alex Hornibrook (12) during a college football game between the University of Wisconsin Badgers and the Brigham Young University Cougars on September 15, 2018 at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, WI. (Photo by Lawrence Iles/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Illinois Vs. 23 Wisconsin


Maryland Vs. 19 Iowa Hawkeyes


6 Mich Vs. 24 Mich St.

big blue rolls sparty got lucky last week.

9 Oklahoma Vs. TCU


20 Cincy Vs. Temple Bearcats


1 Bama Vs.  TENN

Roll Tide

Colo Vs. 15 Wazzu


18 Penn St Vs. Indiana

Penn State

16 NC State Vs. 3 Clemson

Clemson is going roll the wolf pack.

22 Miss St Vs. 5 LSU


10 UCF Vs. ECU

Golden Knights

UConn Vs. 21 USF


Vandy Vs. 14 Kentucky


12 Oregon Vs. 25 Wash ST


2 Ohio Vs. Purdue


NFL week 7

Titans Vs. Chargers

Its in London but Chargers because they are the more consistent team and the more all around talented team.

Browns Vs. Buccaneers

Browns, I think Tampa is a ticking time bomb and the browns are just loving the fact they can win games.

Patriots Vs. Bears

Pats roll the young bears are going to get run out of the building.

Bills Vs. Colts

Bills I believe Derek Anderson it’s 2007 all over again.

Texans Vs.  Jaguars

Jags… I don’t trust Watson…yet.

Lions Vs. Dolphins  

Lions only because I trust Stafford to win more then anybody the fins throw out.

Vikings Vs. Jets

Vikes… because the jets are not good team.

Panthers Vs. Eagles

The panthers are a good team but the eagles are rolling, Eagles.\

Cowboys Vs. Redskins

Skins I guess both teams just confuse me.

Rams Vs. 49ers


Bengals Vs. Chiefs

Chiefs but there will be a lot of touchdowns

Falcons Vs. Giants

Falcons are bad but the giants are worse…soooo falcons.

Last Call:

So one of my super bowl contenders for the AFC before the season was the Raiders, and with in 3 months since I said this, Jon Gruden took over as the Raider head coach and this guy has managed to implode a playoff team this fast. Treading Mack was utter stupidity and now the fact they are trying to ship out Amari Cooper blows my mind, the raiders will have a top five draft pick and their 110 million dollar investment  at coach is back firing badly.

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