Welcome in folks to Klim’s Korner Booth. Last week I shot an amazing 20-6 combined. Probably my best week ever and now as we head into the middle of the season we are about to see the pretenders and contenders of the NFL and college football rankings.


23 Utah Vs. UCLA

Utes. I love that Kelly keeps loosing.

2 Clemson Vs. FSU

Tigers by a MILLION

20 Wisconsin Vs. Northwestern


9 Florida Vs. 7 Georgia

Georgia…Bulldogs have a better roster


K-State Vs. 8 Oklahoma


18 Iowa Vs. 17 Penn ST

Hawkeyes with a close upset…. I have a gut feeling that its going to be close but that’s it.

21 USF Vs. Houston

Upset of the week. Houston is good and USF is due for a loss. Houston with only one loss, it fits the bill.

12 Kentucky Vs. MIZZU


15 Wazzu Vs. Cali


14 Wazzu St. Vs. 24 Stanford

Stanford pulls the upset. WSU got one upset and they were over ranked.

16 Tex A&M Vs. Miss St


22 NC St Vs. Cuse

Orange pull the upset here. I think NC St. is largely over ranked.


3 Notre dame Vs. Navy


6 Texas Vs. OK St


19 Oregon Vs. Arizona


NFL Week 8

Eagles Vs. Jags

Eagles… no Fournette, no problem. Bortles has to beat Philly, that won’t happen.

Ravens Vs. Panthers

Ravens… Panthers got lucky in crunch time last week.

Jets Vs. Bears

Bears…. No further explanation.

Bucs Vs. Bengals

Bengals… better team, better QB.

Seahawks Vs. Lions

Lions at home. They are the better team and they will win the shoot out at Ford Field. Hawks have no D and even less without the 12th Man.

Broncos Vs. Chiefs

Chiefs….. that’s it.


Skins Vs. Giants

Skins, Giants are bad.

Browns Vs. Steelers

Browns pull the upset. Steelers are average and the Browns need a up and coming win.

Colts Vs. Raiders

Raiders sneak one out. Colts are bad.

49ers Vs. Cards

Can the game end in 0-0? Just kidding, some how the 49ers put up points so Niners win.

Packers Vs. Rams


Saints Vs. Vikings

Saints are rolling and the Vikes are the fortunate team so far.

Patriots Vs. Bills

Really NFL….? Pats by 40.

Last Call:

I’m going to drop a Truth Bomb on y’all for a second, regardless on where you stand on the kneeling for the anthem. Eric Reid is one of the original players who kneeled for the Anthem. He did not help either side of the issue Sunday against Philadelphia. I get that each side has points to make in the argument but Ried taking shots at Malcolm Jenkins, one of the most respected men in football, and then during the game taking cheap shots at Wentz and multiple shots at Ertz. It looked classless and immature regardless on where you stand. Reid is a dirty player and honestly, Kaepernick deserves a roster spot more then he does.

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