The Yankees

There are many professional sports teams in the city of New York, but who has been the biggest disappointment? Is it the Mets? Maybe the Jets? Or is it the Kni……It’s the Yankees. I’m not going to completely discredit the Yanks though because they did make the playoffs. However, we’re not gonna talk about what happened there…..go Sox. The Yankees put together one of the most talented teams in baseball with their lineup, but their pitching staff was about average. They started off the season very slow, then picked it up after the all-star break, just to get embarrassed by my beloved Red Sox. New York is just an utter disappointment of a sports city.

The Giants

This picture sums up pretty well how the Giant’s season is going so far. They’re 1-5 through six weeks, and the only beacon of hope they seem to have is Saquon Barkley because Eli can’t get the ball to OBJ. The rest of their schedule doesn’t get any easier, and the most winnable game they have left is against the Jimmy Garroppaloless 49ers. They’re also on pace to have less wins than last year, which was three. Where is wildcard Eli Manning when New York needs him the most?

The Jets

Have the Jets been relevant since the end of the Rex Ryan era? Maybe they wasn’t even relevant back in those days, but at least there was bit of excitement instead of everyone just sitting around waiting to see if their young Sam Darnold pans out. The Jets gave their fans some false hope the first game of the season as the demolished the Lions. I remember because I was on twitter that night and every Jets fan was out with pride tweeting “THE JETS ARE BACK BABY!!!” Well, no, no they’re not. They followed up that win losing to the Dolphins in week 2 and the Browns in week 3. THE BROWNS. They lost to a team who hadn’t won a game in 635 days. The Jets are the team that ended that drought and gave Cleveland free beer for the night. Although, the Jets have some winnable games left on their schedule and they currently sit at 2-3. They might be able to make a run for the wildcard.

The Knicks

To put it bluntly, the Knicks haven’t been good in a long long time. Bringing in Carmelo Anthony was a joke, and looking in hindsight, they should never have even thought about it. They do have one of the best bigs in the NBA in Kristaps Porzingis, and they have a solid Point Guard in Frank Ntlikina and a future all-star in Kevin Knox. So the future is looking just a tad bright for now.

The Mets

The Mets; what an embarrassment. They have arguably the best pitcher in the league in Jacob DeGrom, who deserves to win the Cy Young award this year. The only problem is, he finished the year with a record of 10-9, which looks rather not so good. However, he finished the year with a 1.70 ERA, which was tops in the league of course. They paid him back by missing the playoffs…..Heartbreaking.

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