Why do we keep doing this same routine year in and year out? It has now been THIRTY YEARS since the hack frauds of Notre Dame have won a National Championship. 30. Since that lone standout title here are some teams that jump out at you:

  • Alabama has claimed six.
  • Florida, Miami, and Florida State have won three a piece.
  • Nebraska and USC have two each.
  • TENNESSEE AND COLORADO managed to snag one too. 

So college football analysts… WHY, and I mean WHY do we continue to pay attention to these frauds every single season. Sure, Notre Dame has “eleven” national titles under their belts and I understand that angle entirely. But when the last two were 30 and 41 years ago respectively… something needs to change.

Preseason Puppies

How cute is this good boy though?

What is a preseason puppy you might ask? In short, a preseason puppy is a team who gets ranked way higher than they end up at the end of the season. Once was a dog, now just a puppy. Get it? Good. Let’s have a look at the Fighting Irish:

  • 2016- Preseason: 10th. Post-season: Unranked
  • 2014- Preseason: 17th. Post-season: Unranked
  • 2011- Preseason: 16th. Post-season: Unranked
  • 2009- Preseason: 23rd: Post-season: Unranked
  • 2006: Preseason: 2nd. Post-season: 17th

Get the picture here? Not to mention that they weren’t recognized all season in any polls (AP or Coaches) in the 2007, 2008, and 2010 seasons. Pretty embarrassing stuff if you ask me. 

Bowl Busts

Since everyone wants to argue Notre Dame’s “history” let’s look at their recent bowl history. Over the last 20 seasons, the Frauding Irish has managed to snake their way into 15 bowl games. Their record?


Those five wins came in some heavy hitter bowl games like the Hawaii Bowl, Sun Bowl, and everyone’s favorite Music City Bowl. Bangers. Absolute Bangers. Even worse, the Irish is winless when it comes to actual BCS Bowl appearances (0-5) But Jackie they made it to the championship in 2013 right?

2013 National Championship

OF COURSE. Who could possibly forget their National Championship in 2013 vs. Alabama? That 42-14 BAMBOOZLING by the Crimson Tide was a game that college football fans across the nation will always… absolutely regret watching. It was 28-0 at one point. IN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

That game was honestly more embarrassing than finding out your tragically dead ex- girlfriend never even existed. (See Manti Te’O)

College Playoff Outlook

As it stands now, Notre Dame is a shoe-in for the CFB playoff. They have the #5 strength of schedule and will go undefeated to end the season so it is well deserved. Yet, Notre Dame still has no identity. Barely squeaking by Pitt, winning by a touchdown against Ball State, and nudging out a five point victory against Vanderbilt. The Irish have the luxury to pick and choose their opponents year in and year out because they remain independent and refuse to join a conference. Conference championships matter. We are going to have to witness Alabama, Ohio State, and Clemson all compete for their championships to earn their right. Notre Dame on the other hand, will not. 

To wrap things up, it is disheartening to see college football analysts year after year be so up on Notre Dame football. Can’t wait to watch Alabama wax that ass again. 

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