If there is one fan base who will quite literally die for their team, its gotta be the University of Alabama Crimson Tide. Who could blame them? The Crimson Tide has continued to dominate under Nick Saban with no plans in stopping any time soon. That doesn’t mean it’s not fun to mess with these fans though. 

Earlier this week, I posted an article in regards to Ohio State Dethroning Alabama this year. The blog laid out how the Buckeyes are on a revenge tour and highlighted Haskins success. It was even presented as a question: Can Ohio State Dethrone Alabama? However, certain fans didn’t take very kindly to my post as a whole.

I’ve recently began to post my college football blogs across many different CFB groups on Facebook. My intentions are only to gain traction and get the conversation started… but boy did I cause a shit storm on Monday.

Let’s breakdown some of the best comments shall we?

#1: Pedo State

Coming in HOT there buddy. Pedo State and the Suckeyes in one single comment? Beautiful.

#2: Bandwagon Brad

Can you imagine shooting the shit with this guy? You would never get in a single word or win any argument. Total alpha dominance. I mean who, and I mean who, is both an OSU and BAMA fan?? Disclaimer: His/Her name is not Brad. 

#3: Cheese Grater

Ah yes. The El Classico cheese grater to the nutsack. Should’ve seen this one coming I guess.

#4: Kurby Shartz

I gotta give it to this guy… Kurby Shartz is laugh out loud funny. Don’t try to tell me that Big 10 classic wasn’t thrilling though. 

#5: Comedy King

Facebook is the perfect outlet to get some witty comments off your chest… but I think I’ve seen this somewhere before.

Nothing but pure, original authenticity from this comedy king. 

Calm Down…

Now, before everyone gets their panties in a wad, this is all for laughs. I am in no means trying to exploit anyone. But lord have mercy… triggering Alabama fans was a great time. The blog even stated how much Alabama has continued to dominate over the years, pointed out by my main man here:

Buddy could’ve quoted me though…

This is probably gonna ruffle some feathers and move the needle. That’s the name of the game though. JackieBlogs is the Belly Up clickbait king. Don’t expect that to stop anytime soon. 

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