Two years in a row, and it looks like we are heading for the same outcome. This past Saturday, the nation watched as the #2 Buckeyes were run off the field by the unranked Boilermakers. This created Déjà Vu for many as we look back on the 2017 drubbing they received at the hands of the unranked Iowa Hawkeyes (55-24).  The Buckeyes were ranked #5 in the nation back then.

Who To Blame?

As these types of losses are now more common for the Buckeyes, we ask ourselves who is to blame for these let downs?  Is it Dwayne Haskins, who was 49/73 for 470 yards with 2 TDs and 1 INT? No! Is it Mike Weber who only toted the rock 9 times for 45 yards, or even Dobbins who carried the ball 11 times for 24 yards? No and No! Was it the Greg Schiano and the Buckeye defense? Well…. One can definitely make the argument but…. No!

The one person to blame is URBAN MEYER.  Yes, that is correct…. I said it! The one guy who can do no wrong in college football, possibly the second greatest coach of this era… That guy! Since Urban came back from his 3 game suspension we have listened to him dance around questions from the media. He’s rarely showing emotion on the side line, and not to mention the Oct. 6th game where he collided with another staffer and went down to one knee holding his head.  Urban stated after the game when asked about it “I’ve been dealing with that cyst for many years,” Meyer said. “We had surgery several years ago. When it does take place, they give me some medicine. I feel fine now. It’s something we have to monitor.” Reported by (BuckNuts)


Beginning of the End

While that doesn’t mean he is physically unable to coach in any way, Buckeye fans: the writing is on the wall.  Urban will be gone after this season and I’m not sure at this point many will be upset. In the three games while Urban was gone, Ryan Day was the interim coach and the Buckeyes won all three games putting up no less than 40 points.  The offensive play calling was unpredictable and the backfield combo of Dobbins and Weber was almost unstoppable. Insert Urban three games later and they are back to the 1-5 yard pass or lateral movement that has single handedly destroyed this team.

Since his suspension, it has been noted he and the university, as well as Gene Smith, are at odds.  It’s not going to get better. This team is truly gifted and OSU finally has a QB who can throw the ball.  A team that can spread the field and take advantage of its speed. Yes the defense, primarily the DB’s are a huge liability, but it shouldn’t stop them from winning out.  Let’s just hope that winning out doesn’t mean seeing Bama in the Championship because that could get ugly.

YES… I get it, Urban is a great coach.  His record speaks for itself but this seems to be a Florida 2.0 coming and Buckeye Nation you should be OK with it.  Urban has done a lot of great things at OSU and continually puts up some of the best recruiting classes but when you can’t beat Iowa or Purdue…. you won’t beat the SEC.


Looking Ahead

Hell even this year the Michigan game isn’t a lock.  Obviously no rivalry game every is but the past few years, no matter what the score has said.  Michigan was the true “little step-brother” and Ohio State didn’t take them serious.  While I still feel OSU will beat Michigan, wouldn’t it be fitting. Urban’s last game in the Big10 and he falls flat on his face against one of the biggest troll coaches in college football!

At the end of the day this is it for Urban.  His legacy will reign on but he won’t be back next year.  The stage is set for Ryan Day, and the Buckeyes will continue to put the Big10 on their back!

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