Once again its time and we are back for more.  Here is Week 4’s recap with some hot takes in the NFL! Get your mouse a spinning and let us know what you think each week!

Browns first down?

The Browns are well, the Browns (But they did get screwed)

The Cowboys have absolutely no offensive play makers outside of Zeke. Yes they beat the Lions, but the Lions are well…. The Lions

Bears Defense is solid, Mitch is still suspect (yes even after that game no one is taking him out of the QB’s in the NFC North)

The Rams/Vikings game ruined week 4 of fantasy.

Alvin Kamara made a lot of people happy this week, and mad.

Jameis Winston isn’t an upgrade. Doubt he eats many W’s this year!

Houston has so much talent they actually have to try and find a way to lose.

Leonard Fournette might be made of glass. 

Earl Thomas needs out of Seattle. 

Tyler Eifert lays on the turf after suffering season ending leg injury.

Tyler Eifert can’t catch a break… get it?

Patrick Mahomes = MVP.

PacMan Jones still plays football?

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(All items above are subject to change after week 5)

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