Do you see the empty seats? Did you watch the jersey get thrown on the ice in Toronto? Have you read the frustrated tweets and articles? Can you feel the disappointment after the games? How about the roar of the boos after each special teams play?

We Have!

This is not the team that we all have fallen in a crazed, obsessive, battle-worn love with. Believe me when I say that we want that team back. We want the team that is willing to go out on that ice and fight for us. Literally and figuratively. As a fan of the Flyers I’m asking you to lead the team back to this mentality. No more building for the future, no more 4 years from now, no more “he needs more time”. Our patience has no more time. I understand this is not something to happen over night. I’m asking for changes though. Show us that you care about the now as much as the future. 

I’m starting to grow tired of lack luster efforts, of “dirty hits” going unanswered, of “being kind of scared” when a team gets close to coming back.  These past years with Hextall at the helm have seen a lot of talent drafted to this team. They have seen a lot of good teams under preform. Most frustratingly, they have seen a lot of talent sitting in the press box or in the AHL, talent that could help us improve our current situations. 

This is an organization that is easy to fall in love with, so I ask you to do just that. Bleed the orange and black that we all bleed. Sing “no one likes us we don’t care” with the crowds. Boo the refs, cheer the hits, love the grit, and hate that other team from Pennsylvania.

The most important thing I can ask you though, be the Philadelphia Flyers GM that this fan base needs. Be the chip on the shoulder badass bastard that gives zeros fucks about the rest of league because we don’t need the popular Philadelphia Flyers GM. We need to one that will do everything it takes to bring pride back to the Wells Fargo Center.


A fed up Flyer’s fan.

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