It has now been 2557 days (and counting) since The University of Michigan has beaten The Ohio State Buckeyes. No that is not a typo, although I am sure the editors just love when I write because they have to work over time grooming through my errors, but that is to be expected!  What’s not expected is the level of play the Wolverines have displayed for the past four years. So what does another Michigan loss mean? Well, let me tell you.

Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh is 0-4 against the Buckeyes. He has NEVER won “The” game. His team’s have finished the season in the Top 10 once since he has been there. He is 1-2 in Bowl Games with the Wolverines. He is also making $7.5 million a year! In his 8 years of coaching at the NCAA level he has only had one QB that was reliable and made a difference for his teams. This year Shea Patterson transferred in and was suppose to be the savior but let me ask you something, if this guy is so good how’s come he cannot recruit a QB? This to me is the one position year after year that Harbaugh is lacking and it is essentially the most important position on the field.

Coming into the game this year the Wolverines were ranked 4th in the Nation and well on their way to making the NCAA Playoff. Favored to win in Columbus, and from the outside looking in, most expected it. They also entered with the top ranked defense that was quickly shredded by an offense who has struggled to find it’s identity all year. 

Dwayne Haskins threw for 318 yards with 5 TDs as Ohio State piled up 567 total yards of offense.  Michigan gave up 62 points. That is the most a Michigan defense has given up in a regulation game in program history. They were simply out played and dare I say it….. out coached?  While I have been one of Urban Meyers toughest critics this year, Harbaugh flat out sucks!

As a Michigan fan you have to be asking yourself, “is this the best we got?” Granted, dating all the way back to 2007, yes this is the best you’ve got and it still isn’t good enough.  Harbaugh was brought here to do one thing and one thing only.  Beat The Ohio State Buckeyes, something Michigan hasn’t done since 2010 and only twice since 2003.  That’s 2-14 in past 16 seasons. What gives?

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Now for all your Michigan fans saying,  “but we have the most wins for a program in college football history.” Ok cool, how many of those wins were you alive for and recently what has your team done for you. Here I’ll tell you, NOTHING! Harbaugh is 38-12 since taking over.  Not horrible by any means but the end result is not of a program with the most wins in the history of the sport.

Moral of the story is this team has under performed for the past 10 plus years. This was the year to represent the Big10 and finally take down the Buckeyes.  To finally get back on track as one of the most prestigious programs ever. Wins and losses are great, but when will this team be of relevance again?  When will the “Rivalry” game be a rivalry?

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