No, this is not an Onion headline even though everything about this story reads like satire. The Cleveland Browns, a professional sports franchise actually wants to go an interview former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice for their vacant head coaching position.

We are currently living in a world where the Browns think that the best choice to lead their young team and propel the career of their #1 QB Baker Mayfield is a person that has never been a coach before in their life. I understand that our commander in chief never was a politician before becoming the leader of the free world, but it’s probably harder to lead the Browns than it is America. 

Condoleezza Rice served on the first selection committee for the college football playoff from 2014-2016. So, she definitely is at least knowledgeable about the game, but does that mean she knows how to identify the robber in a dime package? That remains to be seen. 

What This Says About The Browns

It pretty much says that they are willing to to interview pretty much anybody to be there coach. It also tells me that they don’t really value the head coaching position. Looks like having a solid assistants around the person to make the final call is what they care about.

What This Says About Coaches That Won’t Be Interviewed

Like when our current president ran for the position and began beating everyone in the Republican party, the people he beat must of felt terrible that they just got beat by a guy who knows nothing about politics or how to do anything in government. Those folks have doing it their whole lives and they still all lost. Think of all the coaches that have won super bowls, coached in super bowls, lead major offenses and defenses that don’t get interviews. Guys like Jim Fassel, Brian Billick and countless others have been looked past. Now, Condoleezza Rice will get an interview to be a head coach. That can’t fell good.


Obviously, as much as I want this to happen, for Rice to dawn the orangish brown colors and go head to head with the likes of Belichick, Tomlin, Carrol, she will not be the next coach of the Cleveland Browns. Call me nuts, but I don’t think watching a million hours of the all 22 film of the Panthers nut squad is something the 64 year old long time Browns fan really wants to do. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m probably not.

PS- If Condi Rice brings back the run and shoot, then the Browns need to sign her yesterday.

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