When you’re playing basketball for a college called Fitchburg State and you’re losing against a school simply called Nichols, maybe the only thing you can do is wait for the referee isn’t looking and then while a guy is admiring his follow through you give him the business. This time the business was an unprovoked elbow landing flush on the face of a guy who had no idea it was ever coming.

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Like Thor costing half the universe their lives when he didn’t go for Thanos’s head, this kid should of hit the player for Nichols with a little more force because not only did he drain the 3 in his face, he got right up 15 seconds later. Not sure about you, but if I ever decide to become a total scumbag and start elbowing/punching people in the face who have no idea it’s coming, I’m for damn sure going to make sure that I hit them hard enough that they stay down for at least 5 minutes. Otherwise, not only would I look like a scumbag, I would look like a weak scumbag, which is the hardest and worst type of scumbag to be.

Good On Fitchburg State

We all know how Fitchburg State handles their discipline, so it’s no surprise that justice was swift. 

What’s Next For Nate Tenaglia?

Nate, who is the guy that absorbs blows to the head while making buckets better than anyone in the country, should have a pretty good week and weekend. Once he’s out of the concussion protocol, which should be rather soon judging by how fine and only just annoyed by getting decked after his shot, he should the coolest guy on campus at Nichols. Nate should get a standing O each time he walks into class. Walking up to girls should be easier now. No chance he gets shut down if uses the line “hey I’m Nate, I get punched in the face and make buckets and get right back up.” He should have no problem finding a partner for beer pong or whatever they do on the weekends at Nichols. Who knows, Nichols might be one of those weird, awesome party schools. Hopefully, Nate can find some nice people that can take him out and make the whole night all about him like these two officers once did.

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