After a dominating victory by the Browns over the Bengals, we witnessed one of the most awkward handshakes of all time. The disinterest on Baker’s face is so clear to everyone other than Jackson as he goes in for the handshake/hug combo. Baker was then asked about the encounter during his post-game press conference. His response has stirred up a little controversy that appears to have everyone fired up…

Who Needs To Grow Up?

A few days ago on ESPN’s First Take, former pro-bowler Damien Woody disagreed with how Mayfield responded when asked about Hue Jackson. Mr. Woody said Baker needed to “grow up” as well as “You went from Texas Tech to Oklahoma… two teams in the Big 12. You went from one rival to another in the same conference.” Naturally Baker went out of his way to fire back at Damien Woody by commenting on an Instagram post. The comment was Bakers way of defending himself by saying that the two situations are not comparable while ending his comment calling the big fella “buddy.” In no surprise, the “grown man”, felt the need to respond further.

Damien Woody went out of his way to respond to an Instagram comment. Not even a comment on his own page, but a comment on First Takes page… I understand the point that Woody made, but to keep going back and forth with a cocky young rookie quarterback is just childish. Not to mention he is still getting worked up and screaming on First Take when this topic is brought up. I get that you are going to defend yourself Woody, but do not tell some one they need to “grow up” when you yourself are acting a little childish. 

Baker Mayfield

With all that being said, there was no need for Baker to give that response in the first place. We get that you do not like Hue Jackson, I am sure not many do in the Browns Organization, but that does not mean he should turn down a job offer. Chances are, Hue was not getting many offers to coach elsewhere which is why you can not blame him from taking the opportunity that presented itself. 

The comparison that Baker did the same thing back in college when he transferred from Texas Tech to Oklahoma is fairly dumb if you ask me. College and Professional sports are very different. To compare a coach getting fired to a player leaving a school just displays a lack of intelligence. Hue Jackson was relieved of his duty’s as coach; Baker Mayfield saw a better chance of playing for a dream school of his, as well as a better chance of playing in the NFL. Also not to mention the lack of a “rivalry” between the Red Raiders and the Sooners. If you know college football, you would not call the two schools rivals just because they are in the same conference. Either way you look at it, please stop comparing the two. I am not saying you have to agree with what Baker said about how Jackson left to coach a rival team, just don’t try and compare it to what he did back in college. 

Hue Jackson

Boy oh boy where does one begin. I have never seen a person that lacked so much self awareness. He has not handled any situation the correct way. The man is so clueless it is almost hard to believe; from how he was portrayed in “Hard Knocks”, when he put two fingers up after they made a game winning field goal in OT, to going out of his way to shake Mayfield’s hand. Not to mention how lost he was when trolled by Browns CB, Damarious Randall gave him the ball after an interception.  As you can see, Hue does not have a clue what is going on as he then taps Randall on the helmet as if to say thanks. 

What’s the Point?

When all is said and done, this is all a bunch nonsense.

  • Baker is always going to have a savvy response that is going to cause some drama regardless if it should or shouldn’t.
  • Damien Woody is always going to have a strong passion on his beliefs and make sure they are heard. 
  • Hue Jackson is going to be a clueless coach and somehow still have a job in the NFL.
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