Another week, another AFC East QB who had dreams of collecting a lofty paycheck holding a clipboard and wear a headset that may or may not be plugged in has to trade all that in for an actual helmet and start an actual game in the NFL. This time is, you guessed it, journeymen Josh McCown. 

Rookie QB who just made the Miami Dolphins look like the 85 Bears who also got into the ooze from TMNT 2, an offensive line that forgot the essence of the position and he’s in a walking boot tells me that this might not just be a one game deal. That has the stink of a few games maybe more. It’s the Jets and they do stupid things so anything is possible. 

Not What McCown Signed Up For

McCown, as we all know, has played on every single team in the NFL, NFL Europe and was also a greeter at the Dessert Inn, started last year for the Jets and actually played well. At the ripe age of 38 he put up a respectable 18/9 TD/INT ratio for a very bad New York Jets squad. Those are stats that if Ryan Tannehill ever put up in a season, many fans would say he has arrived. He came back this season knowing the Jets were going to draft a rookie QB with the 5th pick in the draft and he probably had a good inclining that either Bridgewater or that pick would be the starter pretty much ensuring him an easy $10m paycheck for this year. That’s right he signed for a $10m deal with five of it guaranteed. Absurd negotiating by the McCown team. 

Things were going great. He was doing all the things a guy in position is supposed to do. He was mentoring Darnold in the film room, showing him how to read defenses and basically how to be a pro. Makes sense because McCown is basically a poor mans Jackie Moon because he is a sort of player coach.

The Dream Is Dead

Now he has to go in there and prepare to be the starting QB against the Bills. He’ll come out and say that he’s a competitor and that he wants to be out there, that you know you’re always one play away and that it’s his time to lead the team. That’s all well in good but you know he was looking forward to just collecting that $10 million without actually doing anything on the field besides some scrub time. Basically, McCown was doing everything he can to keep the philosophy of Matt Flynn alive and well, which is quite honorable. 

This Also Means

This also means that this week get to see Josh McCown and the Jets take on Derek Anderson and the Bills. Fascinating match up between a few grizzled veterans. This tweet sums up this match up.

PS- Can’t imagine why the Patriots have dominated the AFC and get so many wins each year with typical QB. Brock Osweiler, Derek Anderson and Josh McCown are starting games this week along with Brady. The 3 of them are a representation of of every QB the Dolphins, Bills and Jets have had for the past 20 years.

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