Below is every NFL team. Along with each football team is the drink that they are associated with for reasons to follow. If you don’t agree with me then I will assign you with the bitchiest Mango-Margarita-Limarita that there ever was. I will give the reasons for their specific alcoholic beverage that each team is assigned. Obviously I’m not doing every kind of alcoholic drink so you could make a different case for each one. All teams are based on overall franchise and somewhat current standings. AKA- whatever I wanted to choose. Thank you for reading and also feel free t pop open a cold one while you’re reading.

AFC East

New England Patriots – Samuel Adams Beer / Ciroc Liquor

The American “patriot” of all beers. Brewed in Boston, it was hard to not give the Patriots a great, quality beer that always seems to be the frontrunner of all beers. Sam Adams never lets you down, just like the Patriots never let you down. Ciroc is just the top of the line. The Patriots are the only team that I gave two beverages too because it was hard for me not to give them Ciroc. The Patriots are the Ciroc of the NFL. (GO PATS BABY)


Buffalo Bills – Jeigermeister Liquor

The Bills fans are just absolutely ridiculous. They just keep taking shots after shots and continue to be wild after mixing it with Red Bull. They always make a horrible playoff run and are blacked out in their room after the night is over. However, still crazy and respected by all.


Miami Dolphins – Corona Beer

Being in Miami, Dolphins players probably drink a lot of Corona on the beach. Corona is a low key high quality beer that has all the pieces to the puzzle. It seems like you only buy Corona for a good, relaxed day. However, without the Lime Corona is an average piss poor tasting beer. Like the Dolphins, until they get that star QB they will never be anything but piss poor and always overpriced.


New York Jets – Four Loko

Even when they’re bad, they’re still somehow good (sometimes). With their obnoxious fans, four loko brings a very obnoxious night. The Jets are feeling good about themselves during the first half of the night and then somehow end up blacked out in their bed by the end of it. I can’t remember the last time the Jets were good. Just like Four Loko drinkers can’t remember their night.


AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals – Miller Lite Beer

The Bengals are always that team/ beer just like Miller Lite that is nominated for all of these awards and have all of these high expectations but then you buy them and they just suck. Miller Lite is disgusting and I feel like they are always hot but never of good quality. Everyone hates the Bengals and everyone hates Miller.




Pittsburgh Steelers – Jim Beam Whiskey

The Steelers need to settle down for a celebratory drink because of the franchise success that they have had over their many years. However, like Jim Beam, a hard working whiskey, they still aren’t the best around but somehow come through under any circumstance. The old traditional Whiskey always makes for a good time that you can never go wrong with.





Baltimore Ravens – National Bohemian Beer (Natty Bo)

This is an easy one. The beer of Baltimore, Natty Bo is super cheap. It seems like the Ravens are always super cheap. However, on some nights with Maryland natives the beer can be to somewhat of quality and eventually gets you through the night just like their 2 super bowl wins. It’s the shitty beer that Marylanders love, just like their Old Bay. Still, they suck and will never be as good as the mass produced beer. Like even if they do make the playoffs we all know they won’t go far.


Cleveland Browns – Vladamir Liquor

Bro… Vlad is the worst vodka in the history of vodka’s. Don’t believe me? Go try it for yourself. Shit tastes like gasoline going down your esophagus. First time I drank it I thought I was legit gonna die. There isn’t much to say about the Browns. A tip for Cleveland fans- Drink as much Vladamir as possible, it’s only $7 for a whole liter and see how long it takes you to die. Still love my boy Baker, though and I think this team is headed in the right direction.





AFC South

Indianapolis Colts – Barefoot Wine

The Colts are the big hangover drink in football. You can slap the bag all you want but you’ll end up vomiting in the toilet by the end of the night. Like the Colts season, it’ll be a blowout by nights end and it’ll have you wondering how you finished 3-13 on the night with 4 INT’s. This year may be different, just like how you think wine is all good and sweet but then you wake up really hungover the next day. Maybe you’ll get lucky like this year and make the wild card but don’t worry, Andrew Luck will fake an injury soon.



Jacksonville Jaguars – Twisted Tea

Lol.  Twisted Tea literally just tastes like tea and doesn’t get you drunk what so ever. If you drink twisted tea on a night out you should just go to your local “weenie nut jr’s.” The Jags are just never, ever good. Their colors and Uni’s are sick but the team is just awful. Sure, you’ll feel fruity and have a successful night every now and then, just like the Jags did last year but you’ll never come back for more.



Houston Texans – Smirnoff Ice

Dog, can you imagine how many Ice’s JJ Watt can put down? He probably ice’s Deshaun Watson at practice everyday. The ice is pretty cheap but does it’s job by getting you tipsy before the end of the night. Then by the time you get to the bar your stomach will hurt and the Texans will choke during the playoffs. Getting iced sucks and so do the Texans in the playoffs.





Tennessee Titans – Evan Williams Kentucky Bourbon

This was an easy one. Kentucky is somewhat close to Tennessee right? Evan Williams is a good whiskey but still not as good as a Jack Daniels or Jim Beam. The Titans have very good players but still do not seem to ever put it together as a whole. Evan Williams is a strong brand that focusses on hard work and thats what I think the Titans do. However, they just don’t seem to have it all and every season seem like a flop.




AFC West

Denver Broncos – Coors Light Beer

The go to beer thats affordable and brewed in the Rockies! Hard to not give the Colorado team a beer that’s brewed there. The Broncos are always that good looking team that is always a good buy as long as their Defense is above par. Like Coors, it seems like Denver is always underrated but seems to do it’s job of making the playoffs. Just like Coors has phases, the Broncos will bounce back after a tough year and compete like they always do. Who knows, they may sneak into the AFC wild card this year.


Los Angeles Chargers – Everclear Vodka

So the Chargers are actually an above average team that before this year, seemed to play very well but never gets the W. This year is different, maybe. Everclear is a bad drink. But it gets you so messed up that you won’t know where you are and thats exactly what the Chargers seem like every year. With good offense and good pieces to the puzzle, the Chargers never seem to push through. After a night with Everclear, the Chargers always end up blacked out and hungover as shit.


Oakland Raiders – Jungle Juice

If you’ve been to any college party you know what jungle juice is. A whole bunch of different bottles of vodka mixed with a whole bunch of juice and fruit that just destroys you. Like their ruthless fans, jungle juice is a ruthless drink. You don’t really know you’re drinking alcohol because it’s so good but you’re throwing up by the end of the night because of how bad it hits you. Like Jungle Juice, the Raiders seem to have high expectations but injuries and a lack of experience have them tripping over their own feet.


Kansas City Chiefs – Blue Moon Beer

The Chiefs, just like Blue Moon are a very good, above average team that deserves an above average beer. With that hint of orange flavor, Blue Moon is a very relaxing beer that goes good with Kansas City barbecue. If you’ve never had Blue Moon, they’re worth the buy. The Chiefs are always very calm and collective and have an average run in the postseason. Eventually they will pull through and win a super bowl but we’ll see.


NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles – Natural Light Beer (Natty Light)

Oh my god every time I hear Natty Light I just picture a tailgate with at least 400 cases of Natty that people are just slamming. Like Eagles fans, Natty light is a very obnoxious piss poor beer that stays faithful. With one super bowl, it seems like the Eagles always show promise but in the end they will never be the best franchise, no matter how hard they try. Keep shotgunning those Natty’s Eagles fans, you’ll have to lean on last years super bowl for a while.


Washington Redskins – Svedka Liquor

Kirk Cousins, no wait… Alex Smith, no wait… now Colt McCoy  is always crazy and super pumped up just like Svedka. That’s probably not right, i’m probably drunk but who can keep up with their QB carrousel? However, you could say that Svedka is a liquor kind of like the Skins. Even though Svedka seems like a good, quality buy it always seems to let you down. Svedka is a good mixer vodka but drink it straight up and you’ll be cringing all night. The Redskins will just never get over that hump of being an above average team.


New York Giants – Champagne

It seems like the G-Men are always in the spotlight. Like Champagne, you buy high and the pay off is very low. It seems like every year the Giants have these high expectations but fall flat on their face. Champagne is very expensive and has high expectations but never quite seems to get you drunk.




Dallas Cowboys – Budweiser & Bud Light Beer

America’s team deserves America’s beer. The highly publicized team that is under a microscope every time they play. Like Budweiser, the Cowboys are always a solid buy for any situation. However, after buying them all the time your hangover get worse and worse. Everyone loves Budweiser and the Cowboys but there are definitely better brews out there.




NFC North:

Green Bay Packers – Johnny Walker (Blue Label)

The smoothest of the smooth. The Packers are always a contender in the NFC and you can never go wrong with them. However, they can be very expensive with their usual expectations. Like this year, the high expectations didn’t seem to pan out. Like always, the Cheeseheads bounce back and Packers fans deserve the best after sticking out the coldest temperatures in the NFL. Like Johnny Walker, Green Bay is always towards the top every season and is a reliable choice of drink.



Minnesotta Vikings – Bacardi Rum

The guys up in the North have to get warm with some kind of liquor. It’s safe to say that Bacardi will warm you up. Personally, Bacardi is one of the best around. However, the fruity rum can sometimes get a little old and may seem good at first but is actually a cheap liquor that sometimes seems to disappoint. Don’t get me wrong, I love Bacardi but it’s just something about it that disappoints in the long run, kind of like the Vikings.



Detroit Lions – Makers Mark Whiskey

A good, quality team that sometimes makes it to the playoffs and does what it’s supposed to do. However, not the best whiskey on the shelves, the Lions do their job and Matt Stafford always hit’s his target but is very overpriced.  The Lions never seem to do good in the playoffs and aren’t looking too hot this year. However, a good “bet.”



Chicago Bears – Burnetts Liquor

The cheapest of the cheapest. The most affordable shit tasting liquor out there. However, it somehow always pulls through. The Bears, just like Burnetts are very streaky and can sometimes get very interesting wins. Very hot this year, the cheap stuff may be the way to go and will have your head spinning by the end of things. It’s a very bad liquor but it gets the job done. That’s always kind of been the storyline for the Bears especially this season. If you want a good but not great night that will be very blurry, drink some Burnetts.


NFC South

Atlanta Falcons – Hennessy

The toughest of them all. You have to have some real hair on your chest to drink up that Hennessy. Also, how could I not give an ATL team Hennessy? The drink really represents that tough molded Falcons defense. You know Matt Ryan drinks that shit after a big win in the dirty south. But honestly, no one willingly wants it. It’s suggested that you drink anywhere from 3-28 shots. *insert smirk face*




Carolina Panthers – Red Bull & Vodka

Like the Panthers, very energetic and wild… Red Bull & Vodka is very cheap but is a go to every single night. Red Bull & Vodka will get you through any circumstance and will give you courage to go up to that girl you’ve been staring at all night. And who knows, you may be lucky enough like the Panthers and find your way into the “super bowl” *insert winking face*.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Parrot Bay Vodka

The Bucs are an average team each year. I mainly put these two “Bay’s” together for that main reason. However, there are some similarities. The coconut seems like a fun creation, like Tampa’s Uni’s but eventually gets old after continuing to see the team fail 9 times out of 10. It seems like the little mistakes always add up to a terrible ending.




New Orleans Saints – Captain Morgan Rum

It seems like the Saints are always respected as one of the best around the league regardless of how bad they’re doing. Like Captain Morgan, New Orleans is a hard working team that can beat any opponent they face deserves a hard working rum. Like CM, the Saints are something special and are worth every penny. Plus it’ll get you feeling great, fast.



NFC West

Seattle Seahawks – Starbucks Coffee (With Baileys liquor creamer)

Lol get it? Because Starbucks is native to Seattle? But on the real, coffee with that Baileys Liquor creamer is a very smooth a great tasting mixer. The Hawks are always a good quality team that does their job. Like Baileys and coffee, the Seahawks never disappoint and their fans are amazing. However, the creamer may not always get you drunk and you think to yourself why did I just pay $25 for some coffee creamer. Kind of like when you’re on the one yard line and then throw and interception in the super bowl.


Arizona Cardinals – Keystone Light Beer

A beer that used to be high quality and underrated until they changed some stuff. The Cardinals have had some very streaky years but just like Keystone, Arizona will be the team that no one is really scared of nor really focused on. The Cardinals and Keystone used to be popular but are both going downhill. Something needs to change in order for both of them to be at the top again. Keystone is a good drink to play “hot beer” with in Phoenix.



Los Angeles Rams – Jack Daniels Whiskey

A tough drink that is top of the line. The Rams are strong and enjoyable to watch just like Jack Daniels is enjoyable to drink. This year the Rams seem like one of the best teams in the league and with their young players they are definitely very interesting to watch. I don’ really want to say anything bad about Jack Daniels but it is a bit overpriced and just like everything in Los Angeles, the Rams might be a bit overpriced.



San Francisco 49ers – Fireball Whiskey

With the same colors as the Niners, Fireball is a drink that messes you up big time. With their on and off seasons, the Niners are much like Fireball’s mentality. One night you can be drinking the cinnamon whiskey and have a very successful outcome. Other nights you can be blacked out running head first into doors. You just never know. The Niners always seem very under the radar just like Fireball but still are very cheap and eventually run out of “fire.”



That’s it. Drink anything you want as long as you’re drinking. The NFL still sucks so who cares, drink away. That’s simply a fact! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter– @jcmoore19 and my new Belly Up Twitter – @JordanBellyUp


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