I feel like some kind of a schmuck to of just see this and to be blogging about it now, but I feel that it’s my duty to share this with not just football fans, not just Nathan Peterman supporters, but for the Seinfeld faithful that still call the show the #1 show of all time. 

In true J. Peterman fashion, he delivered a tremendous eulogy of the career that was Bills QB Nathan Peterman. Saying that he threw as many TDs to the other team as he did to his own because he was a giving soul had me really craving to comb through a J. Peterman Catalog. 

Nathan Peterman Should Be Smitten

Nathan should love the fact that one the most recognizable secondary characters on the all time best show is acknowledging him at all. You don’t see Jackie Chiles or Kenny Banya waxing poetic about about other recently released QBs like Paxton Lynch and Sam Bradford do you? The answer is no you absolutely don’t. Nathan should feel full of glee that a legendary voice like J. Peterman took the time out of his life to speak about him. Sure, it was all about the ways Nathan was possibly the worst QB that ever played in the NFL, but do you think anyone has any memories about Stony Case other than he was God awful? At least Nathan has a man like J. Peterman speaking on his behalf. We all could only dream of being talked up like Nathan was. Nathan Peterman may not know where he’s going next, but to J. Peterman, that’s the best way to get to some place he’s never been. 

Here’s some obligatory J. Peterman footage

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