The Jimmy Butler Saga

About a month ago when the Jimmy Butler Vs. the Timberwolves saga was in full swing and as a fan since the Original Kevin Garnett teams with Sam Cassell and Wally Szczerbiak I was not happy about it at all.  The best part of all this is every “expert” is saying their is season already over.

Also a few weeks ago Butler showed up to camp, dominated the scrimmage with 3rd string players against the starters.  He then Proceeded to yell “You F*****g Need Me!” He is right, but not just because he is a phenomenal player. One of the biggest Knocks on Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins is that they don’t care and they can be soft. Butler is the opposite.

jimmy butler doesn't need Minnesota

This is where I disagree with the experts. What if this is the wake up call the dysfunctional Wolves need? Its early in the season and the Wolves look decent, their only two losses by 4 points or less and one was without Butler. It’s early but the way the Wolves have played, don’t be surprised if they’re in the hunt for a playoff spot.

To break it down, the wolves have two top 20 Players in Towns and Butler. They only lost one significant piece from last year in Jamal Crawford. They were already a playoff team in 2017-18, and only slid after Butler’s nagging injuries. Also the Wolves have a full year with healthy Derrick Rose who is very impressive as a 6th man. Another point, the coaching consistency has helped chemistry on the court. 

What’s Next?

Now this all depends on what the Wolves do with Jimmy Butler. Also focusing on putting the crazy off-season behind them. This team could make a decent run if they manage to straighten Butler out. If the Wolves do end up trading Butler, the Rockets offer of four 1st round picks is all too enticing. All I can say is it’s okay, for now. If Butler gets more hostile going forward then that could be the answer. With Wiggins and Towns currently under contract, it could help jump start a micro rebuild.

This is definitely a wait and see situation going forward. If the team chemistry continues to improve like it did with a win against the Lakers, Minnesota could end up in the playoffs. Jimmy Butler comes with issues, he’s shown that already. But whether he decides to play, or turns in a handful of picks, he’s worth it. I guess it’s just up to Jimmy.

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