Welcome to the Korner-Booth (Podcast coming soon) ladies and gentlemen last week was the first go around with my new podcast co-host Marc Reilly.  Week 9 your boy cleaned up (11-1) in the NFL (24-8 overall), Marc went (20-12) which is not a bad start so let’s get to it.

NCAA Week 11

#1 Alabama vs. #16 Miss. State

Roll tide

Marc’s Pick: Bama

#2 Clemson @ #17 Boston College

Tigers BC is not a good team by Clemson standards.

 Marc’s Pick: Clemson blows them out

#3 Notre Dame vs. Florida State

Irish win but it will be close, hard to pick a game between your two least favorite teams. Marc’s Pick: Wimbush plays really well and starts a controversy in South Bend, Irish win.

#4 Michigan @ Rutgers

Big blue

Marc’s Pick: Michigan might score 80 points

#5 Georgia vs. Auburn

Dogs by a lot

Marc’s Pick: Bulldogs in a close one

#6 Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State


Marc’s Pick: Boomer Sooner

#7 LSU @ Arkansas


Marc’s Pick: LSU does to the Razorbacks what Bama did to them last week. Geaux Tigers

#8 Washington State vs. Colorado

Wassu St rolls easy

Marc’s Pick: No one circles the wagon like the Colorado Buffaloes! Colorado with the upset

#9 West Virginia vs. TCU


Marc’s Pick: WVU

#10 Ohio State @ #18 Michigan State

Buckeyes win easy I don’t know how the Spartans found their way into to the top twenty

Marc’s Pick: Buckeyes kiss their playoff hopes good bye with a loss in East Lansing. Spartans pull off the upset.

#11 Kentucky @ Tennessee


Marc’s Pick: Coach Pruitt gets his first big win. Kentucky’s lack of offense loses this one for them.

#12 UCF vs Navy

National champs take it easy

Marc’s Pick: UCF

#13 Syracuse vs Louisville


Marc’s Pick: Orange

#14 NC State vs. Wake Forest

Wolf pit

Marc’s Pick: NC State

#15 Florida vs. South Carolina

Chomp Chomp Gators

Marc’s Pick: Gators get back on track

#19 Texas @ Texas Tech

hook em’ even though Herman is the easiest person to make fun of in college football

Marc’s Pick: Texas continues to implode. Tech in a shootout

#20 Penn State vs. Wisconsin

Marc’s Pick: PSU only because they are playing at home.

#21 Iowa vs. Northwestern


Marc’s Pick: Hawkeyes

#22 Iowa State vs. Baylor


Marc’s Pick: Cyclones

#23 Fresno State @ Boise State

Broncos with the upset

Marc’s Pick: The blue turf is just too much, Broncos with the upset.

NFL Week 10

Bears vs. Lions

DAAA Bears

Marc’s Pick: Bears

Bills vs. Jets

I guess bills….

Marc’s Pick: Jets… I guess?

Redskins vs. Bucs

Skins but its going to be super close.

Marc’s Pick: Redskins get back on track

Cardinals vs. Chiefs

Start Mahomes in fantasy Chiefs by 1000

Marc’s Pick: Another easy week for Mahomes and the Cheifs

Saints vs. Bengals

Blow out…. Saints by 40

Marc’s Pick: Saints

Patriots vs. Titans

Titans pull a last minute upset with a late field goal.

Marc’s Pick: Patriots will capitalize on turnovers unlike Dallas. Patriots win by two scores.

Jags vs. Colts

Jags but its going to be an ugly game

Marc’s Pick: If this was week 1 I would the Jags easily… too bad it’s not. Colts get the win.

Falcons vs. Browns

Falcons by 5….touchdowns

Marc’s Pick: Falcons

Chargers vs. Raiders

Go Chargers Go

Marc’s Pick: Chargers

Dolphins vs. Packers

Phin’s I believe in the brock-star

Marc’s Pick: Packers finally beat a team handily

Seahawks vs. Rams

Rams but the game will be tight for most of it.

Marc’s Pick: Rams never let this game get close like the last one.

Cowboys vs. Eagles

Black Sunday+ Eagles off a Bye = BIG win for the Eagles… Fly Eagles Fly

Marc’s Pick: Blackout in Philly for Sunday Night Football. Birds pull away at the end to get a big NFC East win.

Giants vs. 49ers

49ers in a decent game between two bad teams.

Marc’s Pick: Nick Mullens > EliManning  = 49ers victory


Folks unfortunately we are in a dark time in College football, the tide look unbeatable and as somebody who watched them rise to a dynasty I really am done seeing them win. I have all the respect in the world for them but its time for something new or maybe random team needs to pull the upset of the century we just need something new like a bunch of random teams to take the title.

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