Miami vs Duke

Well, folks what can I say this has not been a good year for Miami!  Three straight losses to sub-par competition have really derailed what was supposed to be a promising season.  Last week against Duke, Miami looked like they had potential.  They ran the ball well in the rain and were playing great defense as Duke looked overwhelmed after two long-rushing touchdowns.

Then… the rain stopped and Duke immediately attacked.  The canes allowed Duke to drive down the field and score with little resistance.  The next Miami possession was no surprise as the Malik Rosier led offense sputtered and could not gain momentum.  After another Duke possession, Richt then made the switch and let N’kosi Perry finish the game as he got the canes within scoring distance.  On one play he threw a great fade to Lawrence Cager in the back of the end zone that went for six!

The TD though was no good as it was called for pass interference, which “was a garbage call because the corner clearly flopped and it cost Miami a game they should have won by 20.”

Miami vs GT

After my quick rant, now to the game against Georgia tech.  First off until they prove me wrong the Canes are going to lose unless a few things happen. Georgia Tech gave them a hell of a game last year but it was raining and soggy, this year the forecast calls for clear skies at kickoff in Atlanta.

Now in the article I wrote about Perry a few weeks back I said that the canes are better with Perry in the drivers seat.  After last week I could not be more right because when Perry was in the game Miami moved down the field and nearly tied it. So this week my pick is very situational if Perry plays the whole game and Richt lets the kid make mistakes and grow.  If he allows this to happen Miami will win.

Obviously this is asking a lot of Richt because he has pulled Perry a few time for Rosier and it has not ended well.  Hopefully he has learned from this and will allow the kid to get in rhythm. Now don’t get me wrong, talent wise Miami is incredible but a team can only go as far as it’s Quarterback leads them.

 As for the opponent this week, Georgia Tech is an option team so don’t expect a lot of passing. But they can move the football as they average 467 yards and almost 39 points per game.  Bu on the flip side, they also allow 362.7 yards so their defense is no juggernaut.  I expect Miami to be able to move the ball easily and if Perry is under center Miami can take this game.

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