The NFL through 11 weeks has been nothing short of spectacular, and rather shocking. Does anyone know that the Chargers and Bears are both 7-3, or does nobody really care? Jon Gruden has single handily ruined a solid franchise in just 11 weeks, welcome back coach. The Jaguars, who were one win away from the Super Bowl last year, are 3-7 because Jalen Ramsey trashed every QB in the league. That being said, I’ll be giving a short and sweet(or brutal) update on every team.

AFC East

New England Patriots- Brady is being Brady, but there’s just so much he can do with what he has. They’re 7-3, good for 3rd in the AFC.

Miami Dolphins- Started off 3-0, but lost five of their last seven. These Marine Animals sit at 5-5 and are 2nd in the AFC East.

Buffalo Bills- Have they even completed a pass this year? That’s a serious question by the way. This team will be bad for at least the next four years. Sorry Buffalo fans. They sit at 3-7, which is tied for 3rd in the AFC East.

New York Jets- All Jets fans were screaming that they were back in business after destroying the Lions in week 1. However, they are, in fact, not back whatsoever. Sitting at 3-7, and 3rd in the AFC East, this team has no hope.

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers- Big Ben is playing just well enough to win games, and their defense is finally coming around. They’re currently 7-2-1, second in the AFC.

Baltimore Ravens- They started out average, and are looking to end average. The Lamar Jackson era has arrived and are 5-5, which is tied for 2nd in the AFC North.

Cincinnati Bengals- Let’s all be honest here, this team will never be good until Marvin Lewis is gone. These clowns are also 5-5, tied for second in the AFC North.

Cleveland Browns- They finally won a game, they’ve actually won three this year. However, The last half of the season has proven that they are just not ready to make that jump yet over the Bengals and Ravens. They are dead last in the AFC North.

AFC South

Houston Texans- Started off 0-3, but rattled off 7-straight wins behind Deshaun Watson’s spectacular play. They’re 7-3, tied with the Patriots for 3rd in the AFC.

Indianapolis Colts- Andrew Luck came back to prove so far that not even he can save this franchise. However, They’ve won their last four games and are currently 5-5, 2nd in the AFC South.

Tennessee Titans- So much hope for this team to start the season, just to let rocky top down. The Titans are also 5-5, tied for 2nd in the AFC South.

Jacksonville Jaguars- They went from one game from the Super Bowl last year, to being dead last in the AFC South at 3-7, led by none other than Blake Bortles.

AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs- The quadruplet of Mahomes, Hill, Kelce, and Hunt are almost impossible to beat. They’re currently 9-1, tied for best record in the league.

Los Angeles Chargers- Rivers, Allen, and Gordon are a force to be reckoned with. They’re also 7-3, tied for 3rd in the AFC.

Denver Broncos- They haven’t been relevant since Peyton Manning, but they came up with a big win last week over the Chargers that could save their season. They sit at 4-6, and are currently 3rd in the AFC West.

Oakland Raiders- Last but definitely least sit the Raiders and Jon Gruden. The Raiders have been the laughing stock of the NFL so far and honestly, it’s getting tough to watch. They’re 2-8, dead last in the AFC, and will be there for a few more years.

NFC East

Washington Redskins- Had a promising season until Alex Smith went down with a gruesome leg injury this past week. They are currently 6-4, but expect that to get worse.

Dallas Cowboys- They’ve been trading games every week of the season. That inconsistency has got them to 5-5, but with the Alex Smith injury, look for them to move into the lead soon.

Philadelphia Eagles- The reigning Super Bowl Champions just can’t seem to figure it out this year, as teams have figured them out. Time to adjust before they fall out of the playoff hunt. They sit at 4-6 on the year.

New York Giants- Started off 1-7, but have won their last two games to move up to 3-7. Odell Beckham is looking to run the table on the remaining games for a late playoff push. Eli has been terrible all season until the last two weeks, and Saquon Barkley is insane.

NFC North

Chicago Bears- These guys are 7-3. Seriously, they are. Led by their ferocious defense, they are looking to finish off the season strong at the top of the NFC North to secure their first playoff game since 2006.

Minnesota Vikings- They started slow, heated up, then slowed down again. Consistency in this team is needed if they want to make the playoffs as they just lost to the Bears. They sit at 5-4-1.

Green Bay Packers- Poor Aaron Rodgers. He has to deal with a coach that loses him games every year. There is nothing more this man can do to win this team games. FIRE MIKE MCCARTHY. The Packers sit at 4-5-1.

Detroit Lions- After being destroyed by the Jets week 1, that set the tone for the rest of the season. They are most likely eliminated from the playoffs unless something catastrophic happens. The Lions are 4-6 this year.

NFC South

New Orleans Saints- Maybe the hottest team in the NFL right now, and Drew Brees having a MVP caliber season, they sit at 9-1, tied for the best record in the league.

Carolina Panthers- Cam Newton is also having a MVP caliber season, but rather quietly. The Panthers sit at 6-4 and are still in the hunt for a playoff spot.

Atlanta Falcons- The Falcons would most likely be in the conversation for best team in the league if their whole starting defense didn’t sustain season ending injuries. They sit at 4-6 because of that and are most likely not going to the post season with a second string defense.

Tampa Bay- This was the hottest team in the league after the first two weeks and had the hottest QB through the first 3 weeks, Ryan Fitzpatrick. They’ve cooled off and came back down to earth as Jameis Winston came back, then switching back to Fitzpatrick. They are 3-7 and are most likely out of the playoffs.

NFC West

Los Angeles Rams- Maybe getting LeBron to come to L.A. has some competition for which one is more important. The Rams are 9-1 this season, tied for the Saints and Chiefs for tops in the NFL. They face off with the Chiefs tonight in an epic showdown to decide who is the best in the league.

Seattle Seahawks- Another inconsistent team, another 5-5 record. They’ve gradually improved as the season goes on, but need to take bigger steps to get into the postseason.

Arizona Cardinals- Poor David Johnson. He has to rely on an offensive line that has no clue what they’re doing to block for him and Josh Rosen to open up the run game with the passing game. That’s not happening. They’re 2-8, arguably the worst team in the league.

San Fransico 49ers- What a trainwreck this team has been. Jimmy G goes down with a season ending injury. Then C.J. Beathard was doing alright until he started battling a wrist injury. Luckily, they had my local neighborhood paperboy at 3rd string, Nick Mullens, and HE’S ACTUALLY DOING GOOD, WHAT????? That doesn’t matter though because this team SUCKS. They’re 2-8, most likely the worst team in the league.

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