University of Georgia’s running back Prather Hudson might not be the most well-known name in college football, or in Athens, but you better hide your girl around this guy. Most of his field time comes from special teams, but he is now a legend when it comes to shooting his shot and that is where the real stars are born in the country. 

Shoot Your Shot

Sideline reporter Laura Rutledge had a rough day on Saturday, starting from the pregame with Uga the Georgia Bulldogs mascot dragging her around during the pregame show, and things only got worse as she got run over on the sideline by Georgia’s Hudson. 

Now, I would generally advise against tackling a girl as a conversation starter. I think Hudson should have to wait until he hits the bars like everyone else, but I do like his strategy here.

Walking over from the bench is not going to get the job done, so you have to be coming off the field. Show her you play, and you have a story for the kids. This is Hallmark material here. 

Now that the ice is broken, and she has a concussion, you can make your move and feel the conversation out. Our guy Hudson did just that with a Hall of Fame line. 

I’m going to assume Hudson had help from friends on this one, but regardless it is very well done. Rutledge did not technically say no to Hudson either. 

The reply leaves hope

So, the aggressive in-public attempt here might have been a bad idea after all. That is just because Hudson did not do his research and went in blind. But, again, she still did not say no. All he had to do was take it to the DM’s following her married comment. The ‘I’m married” line leaves the door cracked. You already know the whole soccer has a goalie line.

Rutledge will be back on a Georgia sideline soon as the Bulldogs are No. 5 in the country with a 10-1 record.

With a matchup still awaiting with No. 1 Alabama in the SEC Championship game the Bulldogs control their own destiny as they try to return to the National Championship. Her husband does not have a National Championship ring Hudson, they could be the missing piece. 

Keep shooting your shot Hudson; we are all rooting for you. Don’t forget to share, and send us your takes on our Belly Up twitter and my personal twitter.

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