Black Friday in America is a day where an obscene amount of money changes hands as we all prepare for the next holiday coming up (Belly Up Black Friday Sale). That will ring true for Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson as they tee it up at Shadow Creek in Las Vegas, Nevada today in a golf competition being called simply “The Match”.  In Tuesday’s press conference a $200,000 bet was already placed by Phil to birdie the first hole and that is just the first in what I hope is many large bets to come.  

These two golfers who are arguably two of the best to ever play the game are going to play 18 holes of match play golf fully mic’d up and commercial free for $19.99. Here is why I am looking forward to it.

First of its Kind

This type of high stakes pay-per-view golf match has never happened before and, if successful, can set up a whole new way to take in sports.  Some people are fearful that if we are willing to pay for this then networks will attempt to make more sporting events cost us money and to that I say, “Phooey!” What success in this event will lead to is more events of this nature.  Two greats going head to head in the respective sports, which is something I am willing to shell out on.  And putting microphones on everyone involved makes it even better.

The Insight

Getting Tiger and Phil on mic’d up for the entirety of the match will allow us to hear how they are approaching each and every shot.  We will get to hear how they talk to their caddies as they choose which club to hit. We will hear what their plan is on the hole and see if they execute properly or fail.  Their every miss and triumph will be on full display.  Heck, we might even see a little of ourselves in them when they land it in a bunker and drop language that typically doesn’t make the TV broadcast (please swear guys!)  

Trash Talking

These two players had some fun banter leading up to the match through social media and in the press conference.  While they claim to be friendly with one another, we have been promised tournament level intensity once they start the first hole.  I want to see these Tiger and Phil really work to get into the others head. Exploiting a well-timed bet after a bad shot to really put the screws to the other guy.  If this betting and trash talking is done properly we are all in for an entertaining afternoon.

Big Money

This event is unique because all of the betting is out in the open.  Phil harped on how the live odds and betting will be on full display on screen in the press conference.  Yes, one of the golfers will take home a hefty $9-million-dollar prize, but they will also be placing side wagers of their own throughout the match.  $200,000 already on the first with promise of into the millions of dollars wagered over the course of the day.  It will be fascinating to see how these large sums of money can impact these millionaires golf game.

What it Really is

This is not a normal golf game.  Today’s competition is a spectacle.  It’s a show. It’s entertainment sports in which two uber rich men showing us a glimpse of how they have fun.  We get the chance to see Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson play 1 on 1 golf for huge sums of money. If events like this are not why we all love sports, then I don’t know what it.

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