The Golden State Warriors are on a major slump since the blow up that occurred all the way back on Monday. That was when Draymond Green dressed down Kevin Durant during a timeout in an actually NBA game in front of everybody. Green, who is known to get into the heads of his opponent, thought using his magic on his own team was the proper route by calling him every name in the things you never want to be called as an athlete book. He called him a “bitch” several times and let him know that he can leave the team at any time, such as when the year is over when Durant’s player option happens, and that the team was winning before he got there. After all this happened, Draymond was suspended by the team and though they won without him on Tuesday, last night on the road they got the brakes beat off them by the Carmelo Anthonyless Rockets. It seems that the Warriors are in a state of free fall.

What Is This Team Going To Do?

What is the team going to do? Sure, they currently have a one game lead on Portland and a 1.5 game lead on Denver, a few teams that could never beat the Warriors in a 7 game series, but exactly what is this team going to about the major elephant in the room that is the Draymond and Durant not getting along? Fortunately, after the game, Draymond put to bed any rumors that this little flare up between competitors will thwart any of their plans.

 Yeah perhaps everything will be fine for Golden State. Maybe the fact that they have the best collection of elite players in the league will overcome an argument between two of them. Maybe because they won the championship the past two years and three of the last four years as convincingly as me breathing will show them that they can in fact move past this and actually win the whole thing. Maybe just maybe not having Steph Curry out there currently playing, another decent player, had this team out of sorts a bit against the Rockets. It is nice to see that the comedy hasn’t fallen off on the Warriors bench.

Conspiracy Theory

This thought just crossed my head. What if all this alleged beef between Durant and Green was sent down by the league to give the appearance that the Warriors will break apart at the seams this year thus leading them not to win the title giving the rest of the league hope that if everything breaks right for them than they could actually beat the Warriors? Do all this to stir up a little intrigue and hope that maybe this is the year the Warriors fall. I’d believe that a little more if I didn’t think the Warriors were just going to do their own version of sleepwalking through the regular season where they have moments that people will point to and say this is why they won’t it this year only to steam roll everyone in the playoffs and finals. 

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