Week 16 is in the books, and now that you’ve heard everyone tell you what happened and what they think about it, it’s time to listen to John and Tom have some fun with it all. The Bang Radio Hour is one of the oldest podcasts in the world, chugging through it’s 14th season. 

If you don’t know, this is not a show for stats, analysis, takes or anything that means anything. This is a fan show, by fans, and about what makes watching football so much fun. Punched up with audio and dozens of characters in and around the NFL, the Bang Radio Hour delivers a fast and funny hour+ each week. Speaking of characters, this week Dan Snyder stops by to explain himself, and the Big Kahuna yells at us again for something totally not our fault.

following is a synopsis for those with attention deficit disorder to follow along. You can listen to the show at the bottom of the page, or on any podcast app you use. Of course, the show can always be found at www.bangradiohour.com

First Quarter

3:45 Interception Face. Tom Dooley hangs down his head and loses again as we jump in laughing at Eli Manning tossing a game ending interception.

4:00 JuJu vs Brown discussion. As it sounds, some fairly insensitive discussion on the virtues of Juju or AB.

5:30 Playoff update, as if you didn’t know.

Second Quarter

15:00 Patriots: Bellichick clichés run rampant, spilling all over the podium as Bill scrambles to control his press conference.

18:00 Punter appreciation

19:45 Hue Jackson talks directly to a fan and his 7-year-old son who should not be listening at all.

23:00 Being totally unfair and particularly wrathful, God shows up to yell at us because people let their kids listen to the show.

25:00 Bears vs 49ers fight, Richard Sherman feels some guys up, and shows us where on the doll. Laughing at Josh Norman vs Greg Lewan in a preposterous pretend punch-up.

Third Quarter

30:00 Kirk Cousins cracks his voice, which sounds like a small yappy dog. We mix it with some Michael Irvin sound effects and before long it sounds like an overused bed in a cheap hotel.

31:00: Kermit the Chief

34:30 Ten win seasons over the last 2 decades. Who’s got ‘em?

37:00 Duncanville vs North Shore Hail Mary. Texas high school football. An awesome call on the radio, which brings back an old friend.

Fourth Quarter

42:00 Email segment includes notes from a couple ofl NFL star quarterbacks, an idea from the First Fan on how to fix punts, and more.

50:00 Dan Snyder interview. The Bang Radio Hour asks why he won’t fire Bruce Allen for a fan.

55:00 Picks and bets

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