2019 looks to be the Colorado Rockies best chance of winning the National League West and ultimately the World Series. But they have some holes to fill and they are in the middle of a very slow offseason.

The Rockies know the door may be open only for a short time especially considering that the situation with Nolan Arenado is unknown. Rockies fans should not worry. There is a good chance that they will be able to keep Arenado while making the team better.

This season becomes of big importance to the Rockies and their future. They need a couple of impact bats, a key starter and a key arm. In order to fill those positions, the Rockies are going to have make some moves and fast because there is only so much time left in the offseason.

Rockies need to make some moves

It may even mean doing something they are reluctant to do, like parting with some of their prized prospects and valued players. The Rockies seem to shy away from making big trades, but they need to decide if they want to win now or hope for the future.

The Rockies have made some minor moves. They signed Infielder Daniel Murphy to a 2-year deal with the intention of him playing first base. It was a good move for the Rockies and it looks to be a good deal for both. Murphy is expected to be an impact bat with a good track record and he gives them a first baseman.  But it may not be enough because the Rockies were not good on offense at times last season. If they want to win the division then they will need some help.

Its time for the Rockies to make some moves and show that they are serious about winning. There are only so many chances. This offseason has been a quiet one for the Rockies and the league overall. Hopefully the new year will bring some excitement.

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