14 months and a half. It’s been 14 months and a half since the last time we’ve seen a new episode from Rick and Morty. Not sure about you, but I’m very thirsty for new Rick and Morty. It’s just been to long since I’ve seen the funniest cartoon duo of possibly all time on my TV making me lose my mind all over the place on just how brilliant they are. I’m not going to get into a summary of what Rick and Morty is. If you’re in the dark on what Rick and Morty is, do yourself a favor, respect yourself a little bit more, and go on the internet and find it.

Reason to Believe in Christmas Being the Time

Besides the fact that Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon are a type of mad hatters in how they air episodes due to them surprisingly premiering season 3 on April Fools Day in 2017 on the internet, there is still another reason to think that Christmas time is when season 4 could possibly be launched. Of course, this all stems from how season 3 was wrapped up with focal character, Mr. Poopybutthole.


It’s possible that Roiland and Harmon knew all along that Rick and Morty was going to becoming back during a Christmas time not in 2017 but in 2018. Or, it could and probably means absolutely nothing that they mentioned that we all might being seeing Mr. Poopybutthole with a long Santa beard. The smart money is on the later.

It Will Be Back

I suppose the important, glass half full approach would be to understand that Rick and Morty will be back, eventually.

70 episodes is a lofty number of episodes for anything let alone an animated show. But, if Rick and Morty is going to be around another 9 seasons for 97 years, then yes, Rick and Morty is going to need at least 70 episode to explain how Rick gets his Szezchuan McNugget sauce.

I Just Want My Show Back

Like Red saying in Shawshank Redemption, “I guess I just miss my friend”, I just miss my favorite show. I’m a guy who will say, without provocation, that Rick and Morty is the best show on TV today. It’s so funny that it’s hard to comprehend that’s how highly I think of the show. When it’s on, and I mean when it’s literally on, there’s nothing better. The amount that I and everyone else have to re-watch each episode to catch every possible joke only to know that you still missed so much, is the beauty of the series.

So here’s to hoping that the writers, though they’ve pretty much said that the show isn’t coming back until 2019, pull a fast one and brings a smile to people’s faces and gives us a taste of that Rick and Morty Time this holiday season. Till whenever that happens, we’ll always have the highlights. Here’s my favorite scene of season 3.

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