Here me and rejoice, Avengers Infinity War will be debuting on Netflix starting on Christmas Day. So when you’ve had just about enough of hanging out with your rad families, you have the option to retreat back to your happy place and watch not just one of the best comic book movies of all time, but just a great all around movie.

Big Marvel Guy Here

Not sure about the other guys and gal here at Belly Up Sports, but I consider myself to be the resident Avengers/Marvel person here at this company. Maybe there are others who would claim that throne, but I haven’t heard it form anyone else so I have no problem anointing myself that title. Not to brag because this is probably the opposite of bragging, but I’ve done and continue to do a fair amount of Avengers digging/research on the net. There’s all types of Emergency  Awesome videos on out there on YouTube that will have your head spinning in what just might happen come March and April. I say March because that’s when Captain Marvel will be in theaters followed by Avengers: EndGame.

Avengers: EndGame Trailer

I really wanted to do a blog about the trailer and review it, but it came out at a time where I couldn’t write anything about it and I didn’t want to review it after there were 100s of reviews of it within hours of it being released. But, I will try and post more stuff on the Avengers and even Captain Marvel as it gets released. There will be another trailer for Avengers: EndGame in a few months, but there’s no set date for it.

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to these movies. March and April can’t get here soon enough. Till then, enjoy Infinity War tomorrow and for as long as it’s on Netflix. Remember, the hardest choices require the strongest wills, so make sure you picked the right time to leave your families to watch the movie and no that there was no other way.

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