Welcome into week 13 of the Korner Booth. And stillllll the undefeated champion of the Booooth, the peoples champion Jared with a record of 28-7 this week (College: 17-3 NFL:11-4)and Mr. 0-4 Marc finished at 26-9 ( College: 17-3 NFL: 9-6) and with that let’s get to it.

NCAA – Championship Weekend

SEC Championship: #1 Alabama vs. # 4 Georgia

I would love to see Georgia win this just to throw the committee a giant monkey wrench I don’t think it will happen Toa and the boys are too complete as a team, roll tide. 

Marc’s Pick: As much as I think Georgia is the real deal and has a legit chance at winning this game… Alabama proves to the world why this year’s playoff is a waste of time and we should just crown the CFB champs.

ACC Championship: #2 Clemson vs. Pitt

Pitt got whooped by the ‘Canes, they are trash. Clemson by 50.

Marc’s Pick: Clemson’s starters do not play the second half. Tigers by a lot.

Big XII Championship: #5 Oklahoma vs. #14 Texas

Red River Pt. 2 Herman does not survive the sooners want revenge and they will get it.

Marc’s Pick:  Anothershootout, but Texas ends up losing 42-33 because the sooners don’t sleep forthe first 3.5 quarters this time around. Sooners make up for fluke earlier in the season.

Big 10 Championship: #6 Ohio State vs. #21 Northwestern

I would love to take a grenade on this one and say Wildcats pull the upset, but Ohio St. sneaks away by 10 with a late touchdown.

Marc’s Pick: I really, really, really want to pick the Wildcats, but I also would really like to win this week. Buckeyes win a close one which hurts their chances to get in the playoff.

AAC Championship: #8 UCF vs. Memphis

Golden Nights….

Marc’s Pick: 2017 National Champs even without Milton

Pac 12 Championship: #11 Washington vs. #17 Utah

Washington is just a better team and the will win.

Marc’s Pick:  Huskies

Mountain West Championship: #22 Boise State vs. #25 Fresno State

Blue turf swag is back.

Marc’s Pick: Blue Turf is undefeated in our picks, so I am going with the Broncos

NFL Week 13

Falcons vs. Ravens

Ravens because the Falcons need to fast forward to the offseason.

Marc’s Pick: Lamar gets the start and his 3rd straight win.

Bengals vs. Broncos

Broncos run the ball through the Bengals unraveling defense. Lindsey gets Jared a lot of fantasy points… Broncos by 14. 

Marc’s Pick: Bengals are a mess and the Broncos are on their high horse (pun intended). Broncos win a boring one.

Lions vs. Rams

Rams…. really

Marc’s Pick: Rams

Packers vs. Cardinals

Packers can’t find a conceivable way to lose to the Cardinals.

Marc’s Pick: Packers win only because the Cardinals are not good, not because the Packers are.

Dolphins vs. Bills

Marc Picked the Bills soooo I’m taking the ‘Phins.

Marc’s Pick: I think Josh Allen stinks even though he is showing otherwise. I’m going to go with the Bills and I will probably be wrong because that is just how this season is going.

Giants vs. Bears

Daaaaa Bears

Marc’s Pick: Rainy weather and the Bears defense get them the W.

Buccaneers vs. Panthers

Buccs… because Marc cursed the Panthers.

Marc’s Pick: I said that Jameis is the next Cam Newton and I still stand by it (kind of). I am picking the Panthers which means they will probably lose.

Jaguars vs. Colts

God I hate doing this….Colts

Marc’s Pick: Andrew. Luck. Colts.

Texans vs. Browns

Texans not even close.

Marc’s Pick:  Too much going on with Baker and the media. Texans extend the streak to 9

Titans vs. Jets


Marc’s Pick:  Titans

Raiders vs. Chiefs

Chiefs… also Eric Berry is back!!!

Marc’s Pick: Chiefs

Patriots vs. Vikings

Pats but its close

Marc’s Pick: Vikings…

Seahawks vs. 49ers


Marc’s Pick:  Seattle continues to roll.

Steelers vs. Chargers

I believe in the Chargers also… Marc picked Steelers sooo…

Steelers win because Gordon is out.

Eagles vs. Redskins

Eagles need to keep winning… and if they keep a good balance on offence the will get the W.

Jan 21, 2018; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffery (17) celebrates after scoring a touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings in the second quarter during the NFC Championship game at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Marc’s Pick: Go birds

Last Call:

 I really would love for someone other then Bama the Sooners the Irish or Clemson in the College Football Playoff but it looks like that’s not going to happen this year at least. Let us all hope for a little shuffle next year in the top ten some new teams playing for the title.

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