Welcome in folks to the Korner Booth, week 14, where Jared still reigns supreme. Once again by the skin off my teeth. I won 16-5 with Marc going 13-8, and with that in mind, I look to go 6-0, so lets get rolling.

Army vs. Navy


Marc’s Pick: Navy has dominated over the last decade, but it seems like the tables have turned. Army gets the victory

Korner booth


Cowboys vs. Eagles

Marc picked the Cowboys and I believe in the birds “Must Win” Attitude…. Fly Eagles Fly! We all we got,… WE ALL WE NEED!

Marc’s Pick: Cowboys for two reasons… 1. I think the Cowboys actually win 2. I want the Eagles to win so I have to pick against them because of the curse.

Korner booth

Bills vs. Jets

Jets…. You guys should she the running gag here.

Marc’s Pick: Bills…

Browns vs. Panthers

If the Browns don’t win, Marc’s on thin ice… I guess Browns.

Marc’s Pick: Panthers are 1-5 on the road… so I am going Browns.

Packers vs. Falcons

Falcons grab the W amid the Packers’ chaos.

Marc’s Pick: Rodgers plays out of his mind to prove it was all McCarthy’s fault.

Chiefs vs. Ravens

Chiefs because Lamar Jackson is not ready to dual with Mahomes.

Marc’s Pick: Lamar Jackson gets his first loss as a starter.

Dolphins vs. Patriots

Dolphins win in the upset, they find some way to pull this off.

Marc’s Pick: Pats struggle in Miami, but they find a way to win this one.

Buccaneers vs. Saints


Marc’s Pick: Saints get redemption.

Redskins vs. Giants

G-men, Skins are unraveling. 

Marc’s Pick: Giants because Mark Sanchez

Texans vs. Colts

Houston is a better team and a comparable QB. Texans win easy.

Marc’s Pick: Texans streak is over! Andrew Luck gets that offense back and shocks the world in Houston! (I am going to regret this)

Chargers vs. Bengals

Chargers by a lot……

Marc’s Pick: Chargers

49ers vs. Broncos

Lindsey is my dude….and the Broncos roll behind him.

Marc’s Pick: My gut says 49ers, but my record says Broncos. I need to get a W so I am going with the Broncos.

Raiders vs. Steelers

Steelers can’t find a way to lose this one.

Marc’s Pick: I was told to not pick the Steelers anymore because of the curse, but I just have to. Steelers by a bunch.

Cardinals vs. Lions

Lions win. They are better in every way except RB.

Marc’s Pick: Kerryon Johnson might be back and he will be the reason why the Lions win, not because of Stafford.

Bears vs. Rams

Korner booth

If the Bears pull this off give me something insane to do… because it aint happening.

Marc’s Pick: If Trubisky does not play I am going with the Rams. If he does play, I am still going with the Rams but I just have to. Rams by a bunch.

Seahawks vs. Vikings

Seahawks at home and Cousins cant play in primetime.

Marc’s Pick: For some reason I keep picking the Vikings, but I don’t see them winning in Seattle.

Last Call:

To follow up on the podcast, Zach Ertz is better than Gronk… and it’s for the simple reason that Ertz does everything as good as Gronk, if not better, and he’s a superior route runner and has caught up in the run blocking department. Also, Gronk gets hurt so much, he is doctor’s dream. If I ran a team, I would take Ertz, who is not always out partying, and dedicates his time to constantly change and improve his game. Over a player who is known for being Gronk…. I mean he’s more known for dancing with his shirt off then actually playing on the field and being essentially the mascot for barstool. Enough of the hype and Dunkin’ Donuts commercials, Ertz is better.

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