The Patriot Way

What do you do after a player who will go down in most minds as the greatest football player of all time, who has been to 8 Super Bowls, who has won 5 Super Bowls, who has dominated an entire division for 20 years, who has just about dominated an entire conference for 20 years, who has given Patriot fans a beautiful cocoon of winning and bragging rights that nobody can really refute but played lights out yesterday while also not playing defense or not being one of the chosen ones to be on the Patriot hail Mary prevention team? You obviously and rationally think about all that and come to the conclusion to burn that man’s jersey. 

Couldn’t Handle the Dolphin Way

Imagine if these Patriot fans were actually Dolphin fans and have to put up with stuff like this for last 25 years. They wouldn’t have any clothing left. Smart on Tom for winning as much as he has and keeping the Patriot faithful well clothed. These Patriot fans wouldn’t be able to handle being a Dolphins fan. You need to be mentally and physically tough to be able to endure tragedy weekly. 

What’s awful is that the Patriots will almost definitely be in the AFC championship game if not the Super Bowl and this guy who burnt the jersey will act like he never did this. He’ll get another one and big the biggest Brady fan boy there is. Hopefully his posse will expose him for the fraud that he is.

Obligatory showing of the Miami Miracle

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