Oh I think you can use your shoe to try and block a shot. Wanna know how I know you can? Because Taj Gibson shoe fell off and instead of feeling sorry for himself because he only had one shoe on he made some lemonade and took a perceived weakness and turned it into a strength.

Doesn’t Matter To Me

I’m not interested if it what Taj Gibson did was against the rules. He didn’t actually touch the ball with the shoe so nothing was called. I personally think that if you lose an article of clothing during a game of any kind than you should be within your rights to use that article of clothing any way you can. It’s like if you’re in the outfield and you someone launches a ball into the air and it’s heading straight over the fence, you should have the option to throw your glove in the air and try to hit the ball before it goes over. That’s just a heads up play. So Kudos to Taj Gibson for not crying over a spilled shoe and showing people just how resourceful you could be when you’re down a shoe. Kids could really learn from Taj Gibson and I believe they will.

Here’s some quality shoe footage

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This one of President Bush having a shoe get thrown at him is fabulous. The look on his face is the look I think we all would make.

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