It’s early and I wanted to write something but nothing really stuck out and got the creative juices flowing. Fortunately, we got a few ideas rolling up in the old skull and this has been an idea I’ve had for about a week. The title of this blog says it all. I really hope that at the end of the day, that Kyler Murray, can’t deal with all the pressure of two of the most powerful organizations in the country breathing down his neck, constantly asking him what he’s going to do, whether he goes to the NFL or MLB and he just decides that he doesn’t want to choose one over the other ultimately choosing to become a professional bowler. Like a person caught in the middle of a love triangle, the best move out there is to say goodbye to everybody and start a new.

Can’t Put a Price on Peace of Mind

Sure, Murray would be giving up millions of dollars to make about 200,000 a year on the pro bowling circuit. But, if the movies have taught us anything it’s that money isn’t everything. Like in the Goonies, the developing company had all the money, but the Goonies had each other and that was worth more than what the wealthy folk had. Although, they needed money to save their houses. Don’t focus on that. The point is, Murray will be happier not having the stress and pressures of football and baseball in his life.

Better for his Body

All this talk that Murray should do what’s best for his long term health gets solved instantly if he chooses to be a pro bowler, not the NFL variety, the real pro bowler. With bowling, he wouldn’t have to worry about any edge rushers only keeping that ball from falling off of one. He also would be throwing the ball underhanded, which is the preferred way, instead of the way do it in the big leagues. We already know he has a big time arm, he can enter bowling and instantly start shattering the record for most MPH per throw and easily can be in the running for fastest strike ever recorded.

Maybe you’re thinking that Murray won’t enjoy bowling because there’s not enough action or that you get no rush. For that simple thinking, I have this to show you.

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Better for Bowling

Golf needed someone like Happy Gilmore to come along and inject some life into a sport that was lifeless and when he did the ratings were never higher and they were also attractng more youthful sponsors. Bowling, I have to admit, has been sort of down in the ratings, in case you haven’t noticed. Pete Weber’s time has passed and the sport of bowling has been craving a new star to propel the game back into the lives of the dozens of people who would watch it on Espn 2 late at night. Kyler Murray is the perfect man to step in, learn how to be excellent at the game, which shouldn’t be a problem for a guy who is a 1st round pick in two other sports, and be the face of the PBA. The endorsement money not to mention the gutter girls that come with it, makes the decision easy for Kyler Murray. The decision is for him to tell the NFL and MLB that although he is flattered that both of them think so highly of him that they would likely draft him in the first round, that the best move for him is to decline both offers and focus all his attention on being the greatest bowler that has ever lived.

Actually, he’ll likely only be able to the second greatest ever, for obvious reasons

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