Carter already gave his picks designed to make you wealthier in his blog yesterday. I don’t know to much about Carter, outside that he’s a very good writer who may or may not be suffering from a terrible case of gambling addiction. But, I really like the movie Get Carter with Sly Stallone. It’s an underrated Stallone film that I recommend to everybody. That being said, I like Get Carter, which is the name I’m going to try and call Carter here at Belly Up whether he knows it or not, I also will be writing blogs that lay out the coming games this weekend. As you can tell from the headline, you know where I’m headed with this.

Obviously, there’s Tons of Factors

If you really wanted too, you could pick any unit or matchup on the field and explain it as to why that particular unit or matchup is going to be key to the game two days before they play. You can go with the Patriots running attack vs. the Chiefs front 7 as being what will decide the outcome. Or, you can go with the Chiefs receiving core vs. the Patriots LBs and secondary as being the true reason one of these teams wins. That’s all well and good. There will be individual plays and singular moments that also determine a winner such as one final missed kick. All will be factors in deciding who will be representing the AFC.

But I’m Going with Mahomes’ Ability to not being Phil Rivers

Patrick Mahomes’ not being anything like Philip Rivers is what I feel will be the biggest difference in the game. All the left handed throws, throws across the body and his headband(yes I know I just spewed out a bunch of Cowherd rhetoric) won’t be the difference in this game. Mahomes’ ability of movement is the key. If you watched the Patriots drubbing of the Chargers last week, you would of seen a graphic that showed how many times Rivers was sacked, hurried and knocked down. Rivers was only sacked twice but he was hurried and knocked down tons of time. Sorry, I can’t find the the exact stats on that, but trust me, it happened all throughout the game. Phil was trying to move all around his line and scramble, but he just doesn’t have that club in the bag anymore. Credit to the Pats’ pass rush for disrupting Rivers all the time, but when you’re running after a a guy who makes Dan Marino look like Usain Bolt, you’re going to get home often.

That won’t Happen on Sunday

I don’t doubt that the Patriots line will get close to Mahomes a few times on Sunday, I just don’t think it will bother Mahomes like it did Rivers. I think this because Mahomes has so many moves to slip away from a rush and deliver a lazer-rocket and potentially deep pass that whatever the Pats bring, he’ll be able to navigate it instead of throwing the ball away or throwing an inaccurate, frantic pass like Rivers did. Mahomes may not be Russel Wilson or Steve Young back there, but he is very athletic and capable of scrambling when he needs too. Many times during the year, I watched Mahomes pick up a third down by using his legs completely breaking the spirits of the opponent. You did everything right and guarded that terrific slew of talent on the Chiefs offense only for Mahomes to run for a 1st. Very deflating indeed. I expect that to occur a few times this weekend.

This Leads Too

This leads too the Kansas City Chiefs, under the guidance of Andy Reid, led by the phenom that is the likely MVP Patrick Mahomes defeating Belichick, Brady and the rest of the Patriots. They’ll also cover the 3.5 spread. I know Get Carter(this has legs) has the Patriots covering and I normally never want to bet against the Patriots and I don’t think this is the end of the Patriots dynasty, but take it from the guy writing this blog; the Chiefs win, cover and will be on their way to the Big Game.

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