Isaiah Thomas, the point guard that is still playing ball, not the former bad boy Pistons guard, didn’t take kindly to Spurs fans booing ex-Spur, Kwahi Leonard. So naturally, he went to to Twitter to defend Kwahi and try to reason with the internet in the hope that people would see things from the athletes point of view. Here are some of the people who took into account everything Thomas said.

Rinse, repeat. There’s a ton more of the same kind of sentiments hurled at Thomas. Surprisingly, people don’t want to hear how Kawhi has it rough and that booing him for taking care of his family is not at all what they want to hear. Tickle me shocked.

A Battle That Can’t Be Won

Thomas isn’t the first athlete to tell people that they shouldn’t boo players, and I would imagine he won’t be the last. I don’t know why athletes ever think that they’re going to get through to the internet, but hey, keep trying.

It’s also an argument that athletes can never win. The Kawhi Leonard situation, a situation that was created by Kawhi, where he sat out the entire year and didn’t even show up for the playoffs citing rehab as the reason why is never going to fly with fans, nor should it. Tack on the 20m that Leonard is making a year and it’s pretty fair to say that fans are going to boo him for leaving their team. Sure, he won a title for them and helped keep the Spurs biding for titles for years, but that doesn’t matter. Do what he did and getting booed is what you’re going to get. And if all they do is a little booing, then so be it. They paid their money. Not saying I would ever boo anybody because I never had the urge to be in a group of people in public and say boo, I’m more of a just calling the guy an asshole to myself, but I understand the mentality to be hurt by a player leaving especially when they do it in the most jerkish ways possible.

So Come Boo Me

So if Isaiah Thomas wants to come to my place of work and boo me when I accidentally put the same vocabulary word twice on a paper, that’s all good with me. As long as I’m making professional athlete money while he does it, we can negotiate a good time for to swing by.

PS- Honestly, if Isiah Thomas wants to stop by where I work and boo me for like a chicken parm hoagie, I’d be alright with that too.

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