Just an awful way to lose a game let alone a playoff game. We’ve seen all the memes, gifs and fan reaction videos from both sides encapsulate every emotion felt from that kick. Awesome Doink stuff from all over the internet. Great job everyone. I can’t say the same for all the absolute loser scumbags out there threatening Cody Parkey for missing that kick. If you’re life is that ride or die with how a sports team does, then let me direct you to the sun. Do what you can to get into it.

Best Part About the Whole Thing

Not many things get my engine humming more then when wrestling melds with football. Last night gave us another rare time where it happened. As a guy who had no skin in the game in terms of rooting for anyone to win, there was something positive that happened because of Parkey missing besides the Eagles advancing. That of course was Cris Collinsworth uttering the phrase “a Double Doink” when describing the kick hitting both the upright and then the crossbar. It’s a positive thing because Double Doink instantly brought back memories of the time there were not just one, but two Doinks in the ring at the same time.

Genius Move by Doink

Going up against the late Crush(Bryan Adams) was an nearly an impossible feat for Doink. So what do you do when you’re back is against the wall? You stick to your strengths and perform one of the greatest illusions the world has ever seen. Just a perfect display of fortitude and wit by Doink. Crush prepared for only one Doink but two Doinks is nearly impossible to deal with. This was Wrestlemania 9 and Doink said before the match that Crush might be seeing Double Vision. Man was he ever right. The best part of Doink pulling off this trick was the late Bobby the Brain Heenan saying how great of an illusion it was. The Brain knew a thing or two about how to win matches so Doink causing an exact replica of himself with much more intact face paint to appear out of nowhere was a solid way to win a match.

I Understand

I fully understand that Cody Parkey might not see the fun that him missing a kick that sent his team home has brought me and others. But I believe that given time he’ll be able to look back and get a good laugh knowing that people aren’t just thinking about how his missed kick, though partially blocked, but also thinking, looking up, talking about the time in the squared circle there were two Doinks in the same ring at the same time.

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