So I’m at the gym monday and after a phenomenal Sunday of football with not one but two overtime games with enough scoring and defense balance to make the games perfect.

What are the geniuses at ESPN Talking about on NFL Live? Right when I tune in, I see “Is the Wentz/Foles debate going to continue?” I am paraphrasing, but why is this still a debate? The Eagles have already announced Wentz is the starter going forward and have not denied they are moving on from Foles.

First: The Eagles’ Decision for 2019

Now I guess I have to be one of the logical few to put this bull sh*t to bed, so here is some grade A prime cut logic about this situation. First off the Eagles named Wentz the starter going forward which is the right choice.

Before I go any further, I will always long with any fan, employee, owner, or teammate associated with the Philadelphia Eagles. Philly owes Foles a lot for helping them get their first Super Bowl. But this year Foles, who was solid, showed some flaws and limitations that were covered by the element of surprise, an amazing and HEALTHY supporting cast around him, in addition to home field advantage helping a bit.

Carson Wentz and Nick Foles will be helping each other out in 2018. (Photo: Getty)

Second: Wentz’ Health

People forget, and it drives me crazy, that Wentz was hurt for most of, if not all, the time he saw the field this year.  Last year and even a few games this year was evidence Wentz when healthy is lethal, MVP caliber lethal. He still needs to prove it next year, but Wentz at his best is well above Foles at his best. In addition to this, Wentz is going into his 4th season while Foles is going into his 8th. This gives the Eagles more of a window going forward.

This week, 94.5 WIP in Philly reported that a reporter who I won’t name said that “sources” inside the Eagles organization dislike Wentz. Within hours of the report, leaders inside the Eagles locker room spoke out against this. Guys like Malcolm Jenkins, Lane Johnson, Jason Kelce, Zach Ertz and Fletcher Cox all went to twitter in defense of their QB. In a series of tweets, all of them shot down the allegations that Wentz was immature and selfish etc.

Going Forward:

Now I don’t doubt there is friction with certain players on the offense who are unhappy with how Wentz distributed the ball.  Sometimes, he stared down Ertz too much. With an offense of this caliber, there are a lot of weapons on that team that each need the ball, and staring down one receiver limits them.

Going forward Wentz needs to prove himself in 2019 that 2017 was not a fluke. Based on his skill set and if he’s healthy going forward, the 2019 season should be back to the old deadly Wentz. That will put this story to bed regardless on what jersey Foles puts on next year.

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