Some mornings are just better than others. No way around that undeniable fact of life. I woke up looking for something to blog about and as I was scrolling through Twitter, this lovely event came up. I’ve watched this video of Jaime Munguia and Takeshi Inoue 15 times and it keeps getting funnier every single time I see it. Everything about it is just fantastic. For starters, I have no idea who these guys are and I can safely tell you, I will never watch one second of any of their fights. I’m sure they’re really good at boxing, but I’ll never watch anything they do unless it’s more altercations like this. Next, the idea of having these two fighters at half court, at half time of a Houston Rockets game to stare at each other is very funny to me in every which way. The thought of some kid in the crowd watching this from their seat and asking their dad “dad, are those men going to hit each other” only to be told “no son, that is the last thing that is going to happen” fills me with glee.

The best part about this whole thing is the PA announcer saying “hey hey hey come on fellas” over the loud speaker as if there was any moment where this situation might escalate into a problem, and as if this wasn’t exactly the way this was going to go down. I don’t knock the hustle because selling PPV buys to something the majority of people don’t care about is tough, but I still laugh at all pre-fight stare downs and shoving matches where the trainers all have to get in there and break it up.

What I like to think about however, is that the people who setup these fake altercations thinking that if they have these Jaime Munguia and Takeshi Inoue, who probably have no problem with each other, shove each other and have one guy step in to break it up that some people will be like “Holy shit! Did you see that? He pushed him right in front of everybody. Man, now you know this is going to be a great fight that I want to invest time and money in. I may not know a thing about these guys, but the fact that hey shoved each other means they’re ready to tear each other’s heads off.” I suppose it must work a little bit because situations like this still occur. I’d love to meet this guy who buys this fight because of this. I’d love to talk with him.

BTW- These guys fight each other in that exact place tonight if you’re interested. Not sure how you can’t be after this crazy altercation. Here’s another angle in case you were on the fence about ordering this fight.

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BONUS PREDICTION: I’ll take Jaime Munguia to win this fight and I have no reason backing that up.

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