I’m typically not a big on this date kind of guy. It just gets old having to keep up with it every single day because we’ve been around, as a race, for a while now so every single day has really cool, interesting things on it. But, today I saw this beauty of a “on this date” and it just gave me all the feels. Not the kind of feels that make me tear up, but the kind of feels that just make you feel good to feel alive. The kind of feels that only a man like Pete Weber can create.

Pete Weber, the face of bowling, just vanquished his opponent in dramatic fashion. Pete, a man never shy to about hiding his feelings due to DX crotch chopping his way to several championships, was filled with so much excitement laid down this lovely proverb. “Who do you think you are? I am!!!”

This quote has many layers to it. First, you have to think that when he says “who do you think you are” that he’s speaking to his opponent Mike Fagan. I have to assume that Weber knew the whole time who he was facing in this game. Maybe Fagan was talking a lot of trash during the whole game and Pete just had enough and when he beat him in with everything on the line, he decided to show him where he lives and throw it back in his face. Second, did Weber just forget what he originally said and that’s why he answered his own question with I am? In all the excitement, did Pete even realize he said “who do you think you are?” I think it’s possible his mind went blank and he lost track of all his facets after throwing that last ball.

What’s lost in this is that some people probably thought that this catchphrase was going to be the one that that catapults professional bowling into another level of notoriety. That kids were going to be chanting that line at schools with their friends and that a wide line of t-shirts were going to be made with Pete’s face and the catchphrase on it. None of that happened and bowling is still in the same exact place.

But, let us not forget that on this date, 7 years ago, Pete Weber changed the world with one sentence and then a response to that sentence that today doesn’t make any sense. Thanks Pete

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